My forbids any business or organisation to disclosure

My understanding is that, when an organisation is
in the process of recruitment or they have recruit already, they need to
consider certain legislation for fair process and these are Equality act 2010, data protection acts
1998, disclosure and barring service. Another policy which an organisation must
put in place will be, equal opportunity policy and equality and diversity
policy. The frameworks will be health and safety at work.


Under the Equality Act 2010 which mentioned that
organisations must make a reasonable adjustment or a positive step to remove
any barriers that individual could face simply because of their disability,
this is to ensure that people with any form of disability receive the same as
those who are able in the process of their recruitment. For example, a disabled
person on a wheelchair coming for an interview or has been employed into the
building without no wheelchair access or automatic electric door, under the Equality
2010 such organisation must make a reasonable adjustment by proving a
wheelchair ramp and provide a disable door or lift in to into the premises.
Looking at it from gender perspectives, under equality Act 2010 it forbids
direct discrimination against someone gender which has an impact on someone not
been considered for a role in an organisation. In general, the equality Act
2010 encourage equal treatment for everyone regardless of their, gender,
culture, belief and values.

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Under the equal opportunity policy which is a
vital document that every business organisation must have, the policy promotes
equal opportunity, the main objectives of that policy is that at no
circumstances must anyone suffers or experience less favourable treatment
discriminate against their medical status, gender, culture, marital status and
sexual orientation.


Under data protection Act 1998, it controls how
individual personal information is stored and used by an organisation. The
information must be stored in a secure place, used fairly and lawfully. The law
forbids any business or organisation to disclosure someone information
unlawfully to any third party such as disclosing someone medical report openly,
and this law gives an individual to request at any point what information an
organisation or government hold about you.


In conclusion, every business organisation must
adhere to a legislation framework an example will be, health and safety
legislation at work which focus on the safe practice and the legislation are
intended to protect people at work and those using the service.


In this essay/report, I will be explaining the
process for recruiting an individual to work in health and social care linking
them with the factors to be considered when planning the recruitment of an
individual to work in health and social care. I will also explain relevant
legislation and policy that influence the selection, However, I will also
evaluate different approaches that can be used to select the right candidate
for the job in health and social care.


My understanding is that in every business
organisation such as health and social care sector the factors that need to be
considered in the recruitment process will be, the skills of the individual,
individual experience, their qualification, job description, individual
qualities and job advertisement.


The Skills of the individual: employer likes an
employee who can deal and solve problems on their own initiative, another skill
which an employer will like to see as personal skills of the individual will be
a good motivator within a team. Individual experience is another factor which
an employer will like to put into consideration when selecting the right
candidate, the employer will prefer a candidate who has much experience in the
job role which they are applying for, however employer may choose not to employ
an individual because of no work experience but they will choose not to
indicate that as a reason not to offer the job in the first instance. For
instance, in the healthcare sector, it will be vital that the individual knows
what they are doing when dealing with the service user and that linked them
back to their work experience, which is relevant.


Qualification of the individual, the
qualification of the individual which was acquired through formal and informal
education gives them the theoretical knowledge and the ability to understand
and know how things work or not. Every business organisation such as the
healthcare sector will prefer to select candidates with the right qualification
for them to deliver the best service to their client (