My fully prepared for this program. I studied

My desire to become a part of graduate
program at Germany, underscored me to apply in FAU Erlangen for MS in Computational Engineering,
with my career ambition to learn all the basic in-depth knowledge in this field
of Engineering. I have always had an affinity for mathematics. Numbers have
always inspired me for the simple reason that most complex phenomena in nature
can be comprehended and clarified with the help of a few digits, therefore,
mathematics have always been the driving force behind my studies. My passion
for mathematics has never diminished, and will never weaken which is why I have
decided to pursue a course in computational engineering which is a perfect
blend of mathematics and engineering.


Computation is today regarded as an
important tool needed for the advancement of scientific knowledge and
engineering practice, in addition to the already existing tools of theoretical
analysis and physical experimentation. A person with inquisitive nature has
thirst to learn more and more. With this in mind, I am looking for postgraduate
studies that enhances my skills and knowledge in the field of modern
computational technologies. This is so because the future will belong to those
who will have the expertise in advanced computational techniques. In this
perspective, I am interested in Computational Engineering course that will
serve to give direction to my career’s goal to do high class research in
academia and industry.

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My educational as well as my
professional background is a proof that I am fully prepared for this program. I
studied Mechanical Engineering from “National University of Sciences and
Technology” (NUST). During my undergraduate studies, I had taken courses in
FEM, ANSYS, CAD/CAM and Advanced Mathematical Techniques. I also had the
opportunity to work on OpenFOAM during my elective course of ‘Computational
Fluid Dynamics’. These courses gave me the valuable insight of simulation and
computational techniques and further strengthen my interest in this field. The
courses like ‘C-programming’ and ‘MATLAB’ programming effectively developed my
programming skills. I have also worked as an instructor for C-programming and MATLAB
at NFC Institute of Engineering & Technology. I have taught these courses
at undergraduate level for almost a year owing to that my programming skills
have enhanced to professional level. Apart from studies, I actively
participated in extra-curricular activities. I was the captain of SMME cricket
team and lead my team in SMME Sports Gala 2013 and 2014. I was also the “Event
Organizer” in NUST Environment Club (NEC) and organized numerous events under
the banner of NEC.


programme in Computational Engineering (CE) at FAU offers a variety of
specialization areas. Depending upon the interest, a student can choose a
specific technical field. I am particularly interested in Thermo and Fluid
Dynamics. In fact, my Final Year Project (FYP) during bachelor’s degree was
directly related to this field. The aim of my FYP was to design, simulate and
fabricate 2.0 x1.0-meter solar concentrator using Fresnel mirrors that utilized
solar radiation for generation of steam at 120-140 at 2 bars. For production
of stream, I designed a small-scale boiler (10 litres capacity) by constraining
the basic parameters like size and material of the boiler and then I calculated
the energy transfer possibility for achieving the steam at the outlet. I would
say that was the turning point when I developed my interest in computational
Thermo and Fluid dynamics. I had to perform iterative calculations for
conduction of heat through piping to water which I accomplished by implementing
the algorithm of heat and mass transfer equations in MATLAB. For further
analysis, I simulated my design in OpenFOAM and ANSYS that provided me a better
understanding of the feasibility of my design. Furthermore, I am currently
working as a Graduate Trainee Engineer at Layyah Sugar Mills, where, I am
managing operation and maintenance of 2X80 TPH MP and 1X135 TPH HP Boilers, so,
I have to deal with the solution of tedious heat and mass transfer, fluid
mechanics and thermodynamics problems on daily basis. Rather
than performing repeated and complex experiments I would like to develop a
software that would simulate a real-world environment. In this regard, I think
a master’s degree in computational engineering would provide me all the
necessary set of skills to be more efficient in dealing with all the
engineering related problems.

I am fully aware that Germany is
famous in pioneering cutting-edge technologies and being an economic and
technological powerhouse of Europe offers great scope and encouragement to the
intellectuals. German universities are highly research oriented and
exceptionally acclaimed worldwide. Erlangen is situated in Germany, a vibrant
and recreational place and a dream city for students. Besides high-class
education in FAU, Erlangen is home to Germany’s top-class research institutes
and industries which will facilitate me to gain valuable practical experience.
Moreover, FAU has one of the most attractive campus and a blend of diverse and
intercultural environment makes it one of the best place to study.


After extensively reviewing the
program of Computational Engineering (CE) at FAU Erlangen-Nuremburg, I would
say that I am very much attracted to this course due to its modules diversity
and its close links with other world-renowned institutes. I believe that this
course will provide me with the great opportunity of practical experience in
leading organizations along with high-class research possibilities. This
program will help me to fulfil my dreams to innovate and research in one of the
top university of the world.