My process of manufacturing. During my second year,

My childhood interest on
automobiles has driven me towards mechanical engineering. Studying mechanical
engineering for four years, I further want to continue my studies in a field
which will relate the mechanical knowledge with the management concepts and
this lead me in choosing the fields of industrial engineering and management,
industrial design engineering

After completion of my
secondary education with 9.5 grade points and intermediate education with
90.8%, I joined bachelor of technology in mechanical engineering in GITAM which
is deemed to be university and is one of the popular institutions of our
country. In my four years of bachelor study in GITAM, I got opportunity to
participate in various workshops and to work in close with many professionals.

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In first year, engineering
drawing and autocad were taught to us which were very interesting. Later in the
holidays I finished my AutoCAD Professional Certification exam which fetched me
a place in our college design club where I worked closely with Autodesk India. Courses
like manufacturing technology, material science and thermodynamics were
introduced in second year which were helpful in gaining practical knowledge. Labs
related to manufacturing technology were fun to do and gave me more about the
process of manufacturing.

During my second year, I was
a part of our college SAE club and organised a workshop named vehicle dynamics
of atv. With the help of knowledge gained in the workshop, I joined our college
BAJA team “Phoenix” in which I was involved in design and analysis of an all terrain

In third year, subjects
like instrumentation and control engineering, automobile engineering, theory of
machines, machine design, metrology, finite element methods etc were imparted which
gave me more detailed visualisation of applications. For internship, I attended
bharat earth movers limited(rail coach division) where I learned completely
about the structure of organisation for about 30 days. During these 30 days, I visited
departments like research  and development,
product design, tool engineering, material preparation, machine shop, furnishing
department and many other from which I came to know about the complete process
behind production process. Later I attended combat vehicle research and development
establishment, one of the research establishments under defence research and
development organisation, where I learned about various battle tanks which were
used by the army and their latest developments.

In fourth year, subjects
like operations research and production planning and control gave me an insight
of how management concepts are involved in the industries and then I started
looking for courses which relate management and mechanical engineering. My final
year project was to study the improvement of mechanical and thermal properties
of aluminium nano composites in various concentrations. In this my role was to
lead a team of 5 members and we prepared the samples in various concentrations
and performed the required tests.

I found that the quality
of education in European countries in good and after extensive research, I found
Sweden to be the ideal place for masters. Sweden being a home for many advanced
companies like volvo, Scania, koenigsegg etc. is a place to improve myself with
the latest developments and the upgrading technology. Also it houses many world
renowned universities providing high quality of education.

I wish to acquire as much
industry relevant knowledge and apply my skills in mechanical engineering as
possible through this course. This will help me in finding internships in the
field of my interest. After completing Masters, I aspire to possess technical
skills and practical knowledge that were the part of the program. With the
benefit of hindsight, graduate studies at European Universities is crucial step
in fashioning my career in the proper way.