My recent years has grown economically but still

My wish to become a midwife comes from a long-held
desire to care for others and an interest in pregnancy, birth and post–partum
care. The inspiration behind the pursuit of a career in midwifery is my aunt,
who worked as a midwife in disadvantaged areas, from remote Scottish villages
to the favelas of Brazil. The idea of being there to support, advise and
empower women in their journey to welcoming new life has inspired me to return
to university and strive towards my dream of being a qualified midwife.


I’m very proud to have earned a 2:1 BA (Hons) in
Festival and Events Management. I learnt invaluable lessons in time keeping and
commitment, especially in third year when I was juggling a full-time placement
and part-time job along with a busy social life. Since graduating, I have been an
events coordinator for a large hotel chain and a restaurant supervisor. As an events
coordinator I was challenged to organise a range of personal engagements. I had
to be an attentive listener and sensitive communicator to ensure that clients were
supported and their detailed and often last minute requests were met. I feel
the skills acquired in this role would be transferable to midwifery: organisation,
compassion, an ability to listen and to be adaptive to change. I also feel my
promotion to supervisor, where my responsibilities include managing service
operations, responding considerately to any customer grievances, training new
employees and cash handling demonstrates that my leadership skills have been
recognised by others and that I am a trustworthy.

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It is important to me to help children have the best
start in life, regardless of their background. My senior years of education
were spent in Azerbaijan, a country that in recent years has grown economically
but still struggles with immense poverty. Whilst living there, I learnt to
speak Russian, which allowed me to integrate with the people and explore the
culture of Azerbaijan. Volunteering at a state orphanage, where conditions for the
children, babies and even staff were harrowing and accesses to resources were
scarce was a transformative experience. Despite being of a different religious
and cultural background, I felt confident enough to strike up conversation with
the nurses and carers whilst providing empathy and support, and I’ve since
realised that these experiences shape the force driving me towards a career in
midwifery. I have always wanted to make sense of how societies work and most
importantly work together. I often think about how something like the Scottish
Government’s baby box scheme would have been beneficial for the children of the
orphanage in removing some of the poverty related stigma they faced whilst
providing essential items. The role a midwife plays in implementing the scheme
for all newborns is critical and again another example of why I have chosen
this as a life long career.


Having read the course curriculum, I am enthusiastic
about all of it, but I am particularly looking forward to working on placement,
where I can interact with clients and further develop my interpersonal skills
to hopefully influence positive outcomes. I also look forward to learning about
social issues surrounding pregnancy and the role a midwife plays in a multidisciplinary
team in helping clients. If I project four years in the future, I have hopes of
being registered with the NMC working for the NHS, practicing to deliver a
consistent and high level of care within a community.


I hope you will consider my application, I realise
that this will seem a total sea change in career choice, however I am
absolutely certain that a career as a midwife is one I wish to follow.