My reflected in my performance at both the

My journey with the
computers began when I was in the third grade. It was back then that my father
bought a PC with an Intel 486 processor (quite precious and powerful equipment
to have in those days) when I was about 9 years old. I could not get the hang
of it, then but would sit beside him, excited to seeing how it could compute
things much faster than a human brain ever could. When I was in the tenth
grade, I got access to the Internet and started learning HTML and building
simple web pages. This bolstered my interest in computers and it grew to be one
of the primary ways to achieve my motive of turning my ideas into a reality.

When I was in high
school, I use to organize the ‘Annual Day’ event, and since then I knew that
organizing events meticulously, distributing work and forming teams to complete
work on time was my forte. Early on, as a teenager, I would accompany my uncle
to his workplace, his liberal encouragement to learn about operations made me
realise my passion for improvising, manufacturing ‘business systems’. Ever
since my childhood, I was taught that whenever a problem arises as the obstacle
to achieving a goal, I have two choices – to back out or to take it on as a
challenge, solve it and seize the opportunity. I have always chosen the latter
option. I got eloquent managing skills with suitable convincing abilities. I
got good command over communication skills and inter-personal skills too. Good
perception quality adds to my personality. I am very assiduous towards work, I
believe in quality work with time management.

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As an individual, I
believe in excelling in any endeavour I undertake. The trait is clearly
reflected in my performance at both the undergraduate and school level. Good
grades in high school helped me secure a seat in one of the most reputed
colleges, Sardar Vallabhbhai Institute of Technology. There, I got intensive
exposure to a spectrum of subjects like computer programming and utilization,
data structure, database management system, object oriented programming with
C++ and Java, computer networks, cyber security, microprocessor and
interfacing, system programming, theory of computation, advanced java, web
technology, .net technology. The rigour of the classes and my grades, i.e. a
CGPA of 8.29 on the scale of 10, reflects my quest for fundamentals. To
summarize, my graduate studies have given me a broad conceptual foundation,
which, I believe is essential for a career in Computer Engineering.

Eager to apply my
learning in the real world, I undertook my summer internship at IT Souls ; an Embedded System and Software Solutions company.
The work I did at IT Souls gave me in-depth knowledge about Android, C++, Java
and Bootstrap. I have assimilated the designing of website and I am
enthusiastically working on developing one.

In partial fulfilment
of my Bachelor’s degree, I worked on a titled ‘Auto irrigation system by
checking soil moisture according to crops’ under the company IT Souls. The main
aim here is to develop soil moisture control unit, which will be operatively
connected to the irrigation controller and the soil moisture sensor. An Android
application is under development which will notify farmers whenever the crops
need water so farmer can start the pump which will indeed provide water to the
crops. Working with seasoned professionals made me realize that the knowledge I
had acquired from the undergraduate program is just the tip of the iceberg, and
an advanced education is of utmost importance to excel in this field.

With a goal to sharpen
my programming skills, I attended various seminars held in my college. I have
attended seminars in various fields ranging from ‘HADOOP Technology’, ‘Python
Programming’, ‘Big Data Analysis’, ‘Web Security’, ‘Data Mining with Machine
Learning’ to ‘Google Glass Technology’, ‘Android Development’ and ‘Windows
Mobile Application’. This experience has further whetted my appetite to exploit
the field of mobile computing. I plan to learn anything available to me and am
not afraid of stepping out of my comfort zone. Apart from my academics, I have
participated in various debate and extempore competitions. I have helped my
institute organize ‘Prakarsh 2014’, the annual tech-fest of my institute. I
have always been in the top 10 students in mid-semester exams throughout the curriculum. 

To expand my horizons,
a Master’s degree from the Northeastern University with a specialization in
professional studies in Informatics course appears to be the most logical
progression as it would be the perfect platform to launch my career. Your
esteemed university with its academic excellence worldwide, excellent
infrastructure, modern research facilities and distinguished faculty members is
what I need to channelize my abilities. Furthermore, the research facilities
are also one of the best and it would provide me with the opportunity to make
my own contributions towards the field. I see myself as a Software Analyst or
as an IT Manager after gathering experience and skills. Your master’s program
will take me one step closer to my professional goals along with deepening my
expertise and broadening my perspectives as well as help me to achieve these

In this undying pursuit
of knowledge, it is my spirit of innovation that has driven me till this day
and would continue to do so in future. In order to achieve better exposure to
great resources as well as excellent guidance in the field of computer
engineering I have applied to your esteemed institution. The eminent resources,
a very influential research-based and innovation driven environment makes your
programme a very sought after one.

I assure you that I
will strive to match up to your elevated standards and live up to your
expectations. I sincerely hope you consider me deserving of this opportunity.