My set the record for winning the highest

My classmatesfrom my school remember me as a leader who lead our house (my school worked ina house system) and set the record for winning the highest number of sportsshields (Football, basketball, hockey and other sports) in our school history. Inmy engineering school, my college mates remember me as a basketball player whocontributed to the team from the first year of my college till the end. Theywould remember me as a strong individual who paved his way by working ingeneral management department of the college sport fest in third year andbecame the student head for the national sports fest conducted by my college inmy fourth year of college. My peers at school and workplace often labeled me asa good listener and a motivational speaker in whom he or she could easilyconfide in. My colleagues from work regard me as an honest man and someone whotreats all individuals irrespective of their work departments as equals. In thedescription on the company website my colleagues described me “Ranjith is theking of comedy.

With a constant supply of jokes that can make you laugh or cry,his presence is a colorful addition to the team.” They consider me a leader whoencourages team members to build their knowledge by experimentation indifferent projects. Though I ensure to keep an informal work culture within theoffice, I am also known for my seriousness when it comes to delivering projectson time. On the whole my colleagues would say that I am a dynamic leader whoseability to manage, presence to motivate, charisma to lead and fortitude topersist in the face of challenge.