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My country, Pakistan, is on the threshold of hectic development in infrastructures like highways, roads, bridges, multi-storey buildings, expressways etc. Pakistan is a developing state and trying hard to cope up with the fast pace of modern world and to achieve an improved standard of living. Civil engineering is playing a vital role in changing the face of Pakistani Panorama. It is the Core of all developments starting from providing cheap housing solution to the latest construction techniques. Specifically, when we go for modern bridges, high rise buildings or ultra-modern condominiums; structural engineering will form the center stage of engineering development that can play a pivotal role in the development of country.Being from a civil engineering family background the exposure to civil engineering was available to me from my childhood. My father being an associate civil engineer has served a lot of construction companies in Pakistan. This field always fascinated me when my father used to tell me about some of the major activities going on at the construction site like piling, concrete batching, etc. Apart from this high rise structures and bridges always triggered my curiosity about their strength that how a bunch of columns can support such massive loads? Thus as far as my career was concern I had already decided to follow my father’s footsteps and opted civil engineering for its versatility and nobility to serve the country and to support my family as my father did.Undergraduate study is not a denouement which one can call a journey towards excellence and competence. Graduate study opens up newer avenues to explore and gives one a wider range of career objectives. My undergraduate at Punjab College gave me the excellent command in basics of mathematics and science which enabled me to secure admission in one of the pioneer engineering institutes (National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences) of Pakistan. The studies at undergraduate level have been an enriching experience for me which provided me with a broad perspective of civil engineering. During graduation the field which inspired me the most was structural engineering as, it was facilitating me with the answers for my curiosity about mega structures and this inspiration triggered me to achieve high grades in all structure core subjects. Especially the topics regarding Steel Structures, Prestressed Concrete Structures and Geotechnical & Foundation Engineering with their extreme research potential was at the top of my list as, all high rise buildings need a strong structural design along with a strong foundation design to safely support the loads and to transfer them to the soil underneath. In Pakistan, where there is several kind of conditions like high temperatures, freezing conditions, humidity, low bearing capacity of soil, maximum chances of erosion and low wealth; structural engineering is one of those rapidly evolving field which best suits the requirements for country infrastructure development. My interest in structural engineering and the practical implementation of this field forced me to work as an intern at some mega projects currently running in Pakistan like “Orange Line Metro Train” which exposed me to visualize modern design methods and contemporary construction techniques at site. Dams are also a major part of Pakistan infrastructure. My final year project “Validation of Seepage Analysis and Geo Mechanical Properties of Soil through SEEP/W and SLOPE/W” was based on the research study of Dara Kuthera dam foundation. The project enabled me to have an insight of research andunderstanding of strong concepts regarding Dam foundations and design. During my undergraduate studies, I have been a very active participant in extra- curricular activities which inculcated leadership qualities in me on account of which, I was appointed as the group leader for the final year project.Now at this junction of my career, I am confident that when I make the transition into master’s program in structural engineering, I will be building on a strong foundation gained in the past years and will carry out probable research work in this field. Your university with its high ranking, excellent research facilities combined with dedicated faculty and having an English taught structural engineering master’s program is the right place for me to pursue post-graduate studies in structural engineering. My admission into your esteemed institution is of paramount importance for my career and if given a chance, I shall make the best out of it.Having made this statement of purpose, I truly trust that what your university looks for, in a prospective student, is a strong academic background and the abilities to lead and deliver. I am confident that I will come up to your expectations.