My think being a forklift is hard but

My two jobs that I had to pick were environmental health and safety manager and forklift driver. Basically what a environmental health and safety manager do is work with other or for other organizations to promote good working skills . They observe organizations to make sure they are treating the environment right. To get this job you have to have to have great observations skills and be able to be trained about the environment. This type of job is very important in today’s society because our environment has been continuing to get worse and worse (because of all the chemicals). The salary for this type of job is according to BLS is $48,070, if you have good experience you could earn $77,780. Some professional organizations and societies are NSF international, BCSP, OSHA, and NESHTA. The NSF international is one of the largest bodies for developing certification programs and public health standards. The BCSP is the board of certified safety professionals and it’s the largest organization in the U.S for environmental safety.The OSHA is the country’s largest supplier of data and reports on health and safety at work.The NESHTA is the national environmental safety and health training association that publishes training courses and manuals. What exactly does a forklift driver do? Forklift drivers drive around forklifts. They move things around like materials by warehouses, storage yards, factories, construction sites, and other places. This machine is just meant for lifting things and move them around. You might not think being a forklift is hard but trust me it is, it’s a lot hard work because not everything can be picked up so you might have to stop and pick it up yourself. Forklift drivers can make at least $15 dollars but if you are experienced you could make $20. In order to be a forklift driver you have to be at least $18 and have a high school diploma or a GED. This job also have a lot of rules that you have to follow. The people that make these rules and requirements is the OSHA (occupational safety and health administration) and environmental health and safety managers work in these organizations. All of these jobs are tied into each other like they are related.