My year, I participated in IBM’s The Great

purpose for applying to the graduate program at University at Buffalo is to
undertake a career in research in my areas of interest, which include distributed
systems and networks, parallel computing, and cloud computing. I believe there
is huge scope for improvement and optimization in these fields. More and more
companies are looking to build entirely new computing ecosystems as they
transition from mainframe to Hadoop clusters, and adopt cloud technologies in
order to drive down cost and improve efficiency. However, it also faces many
challenges with respect to security, fault tolerance, load balancing and job
scheduling. These are some of the potential areas which I will be looking at
for research.

undergraduate studies acted as a base for strengthening my programming skills.
As I was introduced to a variety of subjects, it helped me identify the ones
which interest me more. To complement theoretical knowledge with practical
work, over the course of four years, I undertook projects, participated in competitions
and delivered seminars.

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my third year, I participated in IBM’s The Great Mind Challenge Contest, which
improved my programming capabilities in languages like Java, JSP, Servlets,
JavaScript, and SQL. In the following year, I did an internship at Wishtree
Technologies where I was involved in the development of ‘Geo-location based
personalized search’ service. As part of the project, I deployed a Hadoop cluster
and programmed MapReduce tasks in Java to fetch results from the web based on
the geographical location of the user. I selected Advanced Computer Networks,
Distributed Systems, and Parallel Processing as elective courses in my eighth
semester in order to broaden my knowledge in these areas. My final year project
on ‘Electronic Toll Collection System using RFID’ covered subjects like
electronics, database management, networking, and software programming.

order to combine the two essential skills – business acumen and technical
knowledge – I opted for a graduate degree in Management with specialization in Information Technology. The
courses I studied here, which were focused more towards the application of
technology in business, complemented the knowledge that I had gained from my
undergraduate studies. Two years that I spent here were particularly important
in terms of personal development, as they made me overcome stage fear and
improve my presentation skills. During this time, I participated in case study
presentation competitions in the areas of Marketing, Finance and Information
Technology, held in business schools throughout India. I managed to win first
prize at a national level case study competition conducted at IIT-Bombay, where
the task was to design a go-to-market strategy for an organization looking to
offer its solution as PaaS. During my summer internship at Syntel, I developed a
business strategy for the IT Infrastructure division, based on extensive market
research and by interviewing the delivery heads of major accounts.

in Mumbai, where poverty is widespread, I firmly believe that knowledge is best
used when utilized for the upliftment of less privileged sections of society.
With that in mind, I try to help out. During engineering,
I was associated with Code4Cause which designs IT solutions for other NGOs for
free. At Sydenham, I was part of Enactus
project where we were helping women from Dharavi slums to sell their handmade bags to corporate clients.

my masters, I was hired from campus for a techno-functional role as a Transition
Consultant at Capgemini Technology Services
Limited. As a consultant, my role here is to coordinate with business
and technical teams to set up IT Service Management processes using ITIL
standards. My work has been mainly involved in the fields of SAP, Oracle, BI, and
Cloud across healthcare, insurance and manufacturing domains. For one of our
major clients, I was responsible for setting up a VDI solution using VMWare for
the India team to be able to access client’s IT infrastructure in the US. On
another assignment, I traveled to the UK to oversee a cloud migration project.
My experience here at Capgemini made me realize the potential and scope of technologies
like Cloud, Virtualization, IoT, and Big Data, in the coming decade. While my
functional knowledge was greatly improved, I believe there is still much to
learn on the technical front. I am hoping that pursuing graduate studies in
computer science would help me fulfill that gap. This has prompted me to return
to academia.

The Computer Science program at UB is suited to my interests
and future goal. My research interests align with those of Dr. Russ Miller in
the area of ‘Parallel Computing’, Dr. Tevfik Kosar in the area of ‘Data-intensive
Distributed Computing and Cloud Computing. I found the research groups and
computing facilities including labs such as Distributed Computing Systems
Laboratory (DCSL), to be impressive. Some of the courses at UB that are in line with my interests – CSE 570:
Introduction to Parallel and Distributed Processing, CSE 586: Large-Scale
Distributed Systems, CSE 603: Parallel & Distributed Processing, CSE 606:
Parallel Architecture.

Dr. Murat Demirbas’s research on designing
algorithms and services for coordination in distributed systems.

I am confident that my academic and professional experience,
both in technical and business fields, will bring in a different perspective
and contribute to the diversity at UB.