n Eurasia Eurasia was formed after the annexation

the novel, After the nuclear war of the 1950s, the world was divided
into three great states and a war never ending. Winston Smith enters
Oceania in the city of Airstrip One, in the circle of Victory Houses,
under the eyes of the Great Brother, and under no-watch tele-screen.
It is not possible to know how you feel because of your face. Even
the slightest mimic that would lead to the thought of not following
or not obeying the party’s rules and even not enjoying these rules is
dangerous. Crime is only an act of action, the crime of thought is
severely punished.
Of 1984
the novel there are three countries and a disputed area. These
countries are Oceania, Eurasia and Eastasia. The novel is set in

of Ocenia

is created by South and North America, South Africa, Australia and
British Isles. The novel is known in London as the former British
part Airstrip One. Oceania is mostly created by English-speaking
countries, so it is the Oceania language Newspeak. Newspeak is a
limited English version; The original version of English is called
Oldspeak. Oceania’s political regime is a one-party government led by
Ingsoc (British Socialism). Ingsoc’s ideology can be called the
“Great Brotherhood”; This is a totalitarian, oligarchic
ideology. Big Brother is on top and there are three classes. These
classes are Inner Party, Outer Party and Proles. The inner party
resembles the Politburo in the Communist Parties, and these are upper
classes. Outer Party management branch, the main character of the
novel is Winston Smith Outer Party member and middle class. Proles
are proletarians, they are sub-working class and are responsible for
manual labor. While the Inner Party constitutes 2% of the population,
the Outer Party is 13% and the Proles is 85%.

of Eurasia

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was formed after the annexation of rest of the Europe by the Soviet
Union. Ruling ideology of Eurasia is “Neo-Bolshevism”. In the
novel Winston describes the Eurasians and he mentions that they have
a “Mongolic” face. With this information it is clear that Ingsoc
uses racism as a propaganda tool.