Name: Bio-metric Attendance System for Educational Institute Introduction








Name: Samiul Ahsan Rafat


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Subject: CT098-3-2-RMCT-L


Project Title: Individual Assignment

Date Assigned: 3 October 2017

Date Completed: 11 January 2018




Table of Contents
Introduction. 3
Problem statement: 4
Problem background: 5
Literature Review: 6
Aims and objectives: 8
Research questions: 9
Research design: 10
Sampling Methods: 11
Data Analysis: 11
Personal reflection: 12
References. 13















Bio-metric Attendance System for Educational Institute


         Attendance is one of the fundamental need of educational institute. Student academic attendance0is necessary since0it will influence the students gaining knowledge and skills0and additionally their grades.0This0project is about the student0attendance system through0the managing of their fingerprint to uphold their attendance. The fundamental reason for completing this project0is to develop a hybrid0student attendance system for which0desktop-based application is produced to get the attendance of0student by fingerprint0and post/audit the0attendance comes about using online student0attendance system. As we aware, there is one0and just a single unique fingerprint happens on the world for every individual person0which0will never has0duplication. In this way, fingerprint0attendance system0can be known as the0best confirmation to recognize the individual0student attendance0record. Also, as indicated by the technology these days, it isn’t unusual0anymore to take the0attendance of students0through their0fingerprint.

In this system students give their attendance when come into the class, its automatically inform their parents if student don’t attend their class regularly. With this system lecturer, also can give their attendance to,

All these features are added into attendance system by the development in Institute informatics

For this development, it is possible to take attendance of students in a short time.










Problem statement:


·         No backup0for the attendance records0once the lecturer accidentally lost the attendance sheet.


All through the entire semester, the lecturer will just record and calculate the student attendance0through a bit of attendance sheet. If In any case, if the lecturer lost the attendance0sheet, which mean the record will be0lost also and lecturer will0end up unable to enter the right attendance records to the system at the most recent couple of few weeks of the0semester.

·         student impersonate for roll calls for the class attendance.

Sometimes the lecturer faces a problem with the class room, some time the class room is empty0but the attendance list is0because of most0of the students impersonate roll call

For their class fellow.

·         Students might miss their turn in signing the attendance sheet.

Sometimes students miss their attendance sheet to sign in as they did not have the attendance sheet in the manual method.
















Problem background:


Sometimes paper is inefficient for one class later its cost more, in old attendance sheet hand writing is hard to read. Paper will easily damage and there is a possibility to lose data sometimes it’s the reason of west of paper. (Lazarz, 2018)

It west of money and time after keeping that paper record in system the paper is useless and its west of money paper based system based on0manual labor to keep them0updated and0without human0interaction those are useless. Its need unnecessary effort to manage this paper based system. (Lazarz, 2018)

For paper based system hand weighting is a sensitive issue if any student has bad hand writing and that student sign on attendance sheet for attendance its rally hard to read for lecturer (Lazarz, 2018)

Sometimes each person signs0the attendance paper but then the payroll0officer0will end up doing it all0over again into0their payroll system (Lazarz, 2018)












Literature Review:


A literature0review can be0referred to as a review of present system that the researcher had done beforehand and the survey of the system that will be developed. The Literature review also concentrates on the knowledge and thoughts established on a topic and additionally their qualities and weaknesses. These days, technology is improving and better at supplanting the traditional system to speed up the procedure by introducing the system. There are few kinds of attendance system that had been presented these days in school, college, and university.

Bio-metric Attendance System

In the journal paper of ” Wireless0Fingerprint Based Educational Institute Attendance0System Using ZigBee0Technology (Gunjan Talaviya, 2013)it had realized that the0attendance0system using fingerprint0recognition is0more productive than the manual attendance system then it give more automation in supervision with the attendance0of the students. As specified in the journal, beforehand, there are a few works, for example, RFID-based and0facial recognition had been0done in enhancing the strategy for dealing with the student attendance, be that as it may, cost of hardware of facial0recognition technique is high contrasted with the0fingerprint0recognition0method. The journal paper fundamental objectives had concerned going to make use of0fingerprint-based attendance0system in0marking the attendance of the students who0going to the classes for reason to save the time brought to record down each student attendance and secure the report0generation.


In the fingerprint recognition technology, students will require to register their fingerprint into the database for future matching while they go to each class. Other0than that, hardware0required in implementing0the fingerprint0attendance system can be effortlessly gained contrast with other biometric strategy as fingerprint recognition is extremely basic being used these days in the community


From the0journal paper, there is0some quality that can be create in the attendance system that using fingerprint0recognition technology. According to the journal paper, the fingerprint can be known as a standout amongst the most exact and effective biometric shapes for confirming the identity of students. As a matter of first importance, the system had given the report age group module which will automatically send to few0parties, for example, Head of Department (HOD), lecturers, and student’s parent with regarding to their0attendance status0in the specified0days. Due to the gave report group features, it can help0speed up the report age without requiring the lecturers to key-in the attendance in the attendance of the students previously the system allows them to create the report in the meantime, it will also help in also the blunders happen for the report produced as the report will be arranged automatically in view of the attendance record got in each class. Moreover, because of the uniqueness of the unique fingerprint, mate marking will have the capacity to dispense with since they will be not able check the attendance on behalf of their friends.


In any case, there is some problem that can found from the arrangement in using0fingerprint technology in the0attendance system. Most importantly, the journal paper had said that they didn’t give a manual key-in feature in their0attendance system which means those students who0come late to the class with reason will even now consider missing since physically enter in isn’t given. Other than that, the journal paper does not state that the administrator can set the period that reflects the students is late to class. The journal paper recently indicated that the system won’t revive the student attendance record that came late to the class following 20 minutes as is normally done. Nevertheless, not all school/school have a comparable methodology which mean some school/school will consider their understudies late to class following 15 minutes. Since this component is excluded in the framework, by then it will regardless reason the slip-up data in the understudy participation records.







Aims and objectives:



The aim is to Improve security measures for accessing facility and improve users focus on attendance as this has been accompanying to rising issue today, saves time in almost no energy required in carry out. Reduce the west of paper, reduce manipulation and impersonation because of enhancing the monitoring system also has been researchers basic goal. No one can edit attendance data.



·         To replace the preceding methods of student attendance system process to fully-high-tech and automated0student attendance system.


·         Provide a system that will help the organization to monitor the student’s daily attendance record.

·         To develop a system that will provide communication between the parent and the school management.

·         Increased security and confidentiality with role-based permissions to users. 

·         Provide accurate and immediate calculation percentage for student attendance status.

·         Build a secure system, which allows safe access by applied biometric technology.










Research questions:

Domain question:


1.      What are the challenges will come to implement Bio-metric Attendance System?

2.      What kind of user will use the system?

3.      How this system helps in Educational Institute to reduce the time and cost?

4.      How implement the Bio-metric Attendance System benefits Educational Institute?

5.      How the system will be modified?


Technical Question:


1.      What limitations the system has need to be consider?

2.      What programming language and resource are best for use to build the system?

3.      What kind of data analytics tools and algorithms effective for the Bio-metric Attendance System?

4.      How the system will operate by admin?

5.      What kinds of hardware need for the system? Minimum hardware requirement of the system.










Research design:

In0research design, the researcher0uses the essential data collection0method and techniques to helps them to0gather some applicable data for0supporting and completing the0project inventively.

Primary data collection method:

 For this system, the research uses multi- method0and techniques to0gather information which0are the overview and recorded research. Survey and0interview0are the0two-requirement elicitations which are also0applies to0get applicable data to0develop0the system. The Survey is chosen0because a complete answer is required which0will have a huge impact to0develop0the system0according to the the student’s requirement. Questionnaire use gathers a lot of data from0a sample0of students. Information can be gathered relatively0quickly because the researcher0would not0should be available when0the0questionnaires were completed. This is valuable for0large populations0when0interviews would be impractical. (McLeod, 2014) Many reactions in short period will be used to catch assets need to know the limitation of Bio-metric Attendance System. Besides, Observation will likewise be used where researcher’s role is complete observer to gather relevant data by observing how student get used to ICT and innovation in classroom.

In conclusion, recorded research and interview0are used for technical0questions. The researcher will survey existing0archived documentations to make0decision based on0answers (Moss, 2003) for the best programming calculations and information investigation apparatuses, records will be audited. If necessary direct a meeting with lead programming draftsman to get a recommendation which can get a decent criticism as they will have both way correspondence. for the best software algorithms0and data0analytics tools documents0will be reviewed. If necessary direct a interview with main software architect0to get a recommendation which can get a good response as they will have0both way0communication.





Sampling Methods:

Sampling for0survey is finished by defining0the objective population of Educational Institute Knowing0the objective population0also use to choose the quantity of the members in a sample that is named as the ” sample size “. Other than the estimated number of people in the target people, the sample size can be impacted by different issues, for example, spending plan, time accessible, and the target degree of accuracy. These factors should be considered. (Brick, 2015)


Data Analysis:

To0obtain the helpful and0usable data analysis0of qualitative and quantitative0data need0to perform. The two sorts of analysis are portraying and summarize the data, identify relationships amongst variables and think about the variables. What’s morelastly data analysis estimates the results and helps to make0decision.




Research questions

Data collection method


Domain Questions



What are the challenges will come to implement Bio-metric Attendance System?



What kind of user will use the system?



How this system helps in Educational Institute to reduce the time and cost?



How implement the Bio-metric Attendance System benefits Educational Institute?



How the system will be modified?



Technical Questions



What limitations the system has need to0be consider?



What programming language and resource are best for use to build the system?



What0kind of data analytics tools and algorithms effective for the Bio-metric Attendance System?



How the system will operate by admin?



What kinds of hardware need for the system? Minimum hardware requirement of the system.



Personal reflection:

Considering ” Bio-metric Attendance System ” the researcher knowing in scopes. The researcher needed to capitalize an unconquerable measure of energy in first understanding0the0language associated0with the exploration papers0and after that devoting0time0perusing the diaries. Understanding the ideas and the working underneath it was a significant assignment and a pleased achievement. The application can affect me in a few ways like this is financially savvy as coherent information is very much incorporated and it recognizes what choice will be made. Bio-metric Attendance System can be used as a substitute for lecturer that will allocate decision for that student.

Bio-metric Attendance System also has some limitation students are not familiar with Bio-metric Attendance, from my point of view there should be some discussion to rice concerns benefits0of using Bio-metric Attendance System.