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National Intelligence Model methods to reduce crime: To identify crime trends or problems in specific areas, NIM has special intelligence to do it. The Strategic Assessment is a document provided by the intelligence which gives a view on specific area or region. It also gives information about the crime within the area and can predict any events in the future which are likely to happen. In general it can provide information how to tackle crime in specific area.The Tactical Assessment is similar to strategic, however it provides information about the area from the last 2 weeks and can also provide what is likely to happen within period of time. The Problem Profile is the document which is produced by the intelligence and identifies problem in specific area and tells if it will have impact on the community. The Target Profile is the document which is produced by the intelligence and identifies specific offenders and tells their weaknesses and also gives recommendations how they can tackle further incidents.  The methods employed  by Safer Communities and Multi-Agency Partnerships:Safer Communities and Multi-Agency Partnerships have different methods to:Reduce the fear of crime – creating survey of perception of crime for the local residents, then they can see in numbers in which neighbourhood crime happened recently and what type of crime was it. They also do meeting with residents where they can suggest methods to prevent crime in their area. Safer Communities also repair broken facilities in specific area to improve the appearance of it, also by doing this level of crime in this area is lower. To Improve community safety Safer Communities use ‘Planning for Real’ which is way to identify specific place by people from local community and build-in CCTVs in areas where crime already happened or is high likely to happen. There is a lot of methods which Public Services use to prevent the crime, for example Neighbourhood policing is one of them. Different areas have got the Neighbourhood Policing team that works for their community. They patrol this area daily and watch specific places where crime already happen or is likely to happen, and also their priority is to support the residents from the community. If any resident is interested to prevent crime in his area he can join the Neighbourhood watch. This is organization which observe their local area for any crime, however if they spot criminal activity they cannot intervene, they must report it as quickly as possible. The aim of the neighbourhood watch is also to educate the people from community about the safety and security, they can also give recommendations to help prevent the crime in the neighbourhood. Community Action Teams (CAT) – this is an organization which tackles housing and environmental problems in specific areas. They job is to target specific areas where neighbourhood is not good as it should, for example there is a lot of rubbish, noises or anti-social behaviour. They also talk with the landlords and residents within the area, so they also can improve their neighbourhood in some way.     Community action groups – is organization where people work in different ways for the Community. They support community on the social media and speak for the community in groups. They do events for their local communities where they can engage more people and share their skills which they gained.Public and community involvement has various ways to reduce crime in their local areas, Some communities choose to do the graffiti in places where vandalism appeared quite often. This will not only reduce the crime in that area, but also will make appearance better. To find out where they can do graffities they can ask local PCSOs for their suggestions. Also the multi-agency will need permission of the local authorities to do their art. Community Wardens are the groups of people who deal with things like graffiti in their local area. They are similar to CAT because they do similar things to help reduce crime in their area. The difference is that Community Wardens are more proactive, which means they work for longer and do more in general. Safer community initiatives – there are different methods of how those groups of people which I mentioned make communities safer, e.g. affording more lights on the footpaths where is lack of lamps and its dark may make this place more safe, also affording CCTVs in the local park is good initiative to help reduce crime. Support elderly by walking them to the shops will also lead to crime reduction in that area.Crime reduction and prevention initiatives such as:Implementation -Change Grow Live is organization which provide support to the group of people who’ve been or are addicted to harmful substances like drugs, or to those have problems with mental health, are homeless or those who have criminal background. Funding – “All of Change Grow Live’s funding is statutory-based and had an income of £80.2 mill in 2011-12″Evaluation – I think this is organization works really well because it has over 1800 workers and 250 volunteers across the UK, which means they are making money from it. In next couple of years the Change Grow Live may invest more and more money to the local police to help reduce crime in the communities. Youth offending team – when the child which under 10 is charged with ‘Child safety order’, he has to work with the Youth offending team which help reduce his crime level which could be higher if he wouldn’t be charged like that. This process last for 3 months at least and if youth offending team think the offender will be doing the same thing again, then he will work with the for longer. Also youth offending supports the young victims of a crime or when they get arrested by the police. Youth offending team works with: the police, probation officers, health, housing and children’s services, schools and education authorities, charities and the local community. I think Youth offending team is good opportunity for young people who live in environment where crime is high, because they get support which helps them understand how the thing work and so after 3 months they may or will change they view on that things.