Nature and all of those in between. Nature

Nature vs. Nurture

            Nature vs. Nurture has always been a
debate between scientists and psychologist and all of those in between. Nature
is typically understood as aspects of behaviors that are inherited such as by
genetics. While, Nurture is described to be when a person act a certain way due
to acquired characteristics such as by learning from others (McLeod). Some examples of “Nature”
is given from Simply Psychology is that the color of a child’s eyes or whether
they have straight hair. An example of “Nurture” would be something such as a
child developing a sense of humor by learning what their parents think is
humorous (Magher)

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            In my
opinion, I believe that Nature and Nurture play a major role in the development
of any child. Even though Nature typically represents physical traits a person
gains including as stated above, hair differences, as well as possible
disorders such as bipolar disorder. However, even environment can play a role
in even disorders such as bipolar disorder. For personality I think it is based
purely off of the aspect of Nurture. For example, I am typically a very quiet
person, always observing and I will engaged with people if I find it necessary.
Quite unlike me, my husband Blake is very outgoing and will talk to people even
if they are complete strangers. I believe we are so different in this way
because of how we were raised in different family environments. For him growing
up he had both his parents, a brother and many cousins and other family around
almost all of the time. During my first 8 years I was an only child with just
my mother and I. Socially, there is already significant difference in
environments, and this perhaps explains his more outgoing personality. Social
aspects I believe are ideally learned behaviors while anything involving genetics
are considered “Nature”. My experience with the aspect of Nature is that my
mother is athletic and in return I also am, while my husband’s parents are not
athletically inclined and neither is he. This would be what I think is an
example of Nature playing a role in the growth of the child.

            Overall, I
strongly believe that both Nature and Nurture play a part in a child’s life. In
a way it is like saying both a father figure and a mother figure play a role in
a child’s life. They may be very different sources, but sometimes they can have
common outcomes while otherwise they can have completely different outcomes.
Essentially, more than just genetics and more than just environment can make
children grow up to be the adults they are.