“Nature’s around very long. The idea of nature

first green is gold,” we’re in nature, and we’re talking
about nature’s first green, which makes us think about spring. “Her hardest hue
to hold.”, that gold is the hardest hue, or color, for nature to hold, or keep.
So the first color we see in spring doesn’t stick around very long. The idea of
nature having an easy or hard time holding onto something is an example of
personification. And not only is nature personified here. “Her head is a
flower;”, this sentence he wants to explain in detail what he is talking about
in line 1. Like the first green of nature is gold, her first leaves are
flowers. In spring, trees and shrubs bloom beautifully, replaced by green
leaves in the summer. Finally, in real life, the dead blooms and dropping the
trees, makes space for the leaves that come to soak in nutrients from the sun.
“But only for an hour.”, since it is a flower, it only exists at some point. It
will not exist forever. it just because of the fleetingness of youth, childhood
is short. “Then leaf subsides to leaf.” This line shows us what happens after
the early leaves no longer represent a flower – it becomes a real leaf. This
means that the first leaf sank, or settled, to become another leaf. It is a
“cycle of life”, one leaf is replaced by another just as newborns replace
those who grow old and die, and that is the case for every species on our
planet, including us, as every one of us knows. We all die, life is short so
let’s live a meaningful life. “So Eden sank to grief, “, like falling flowers,
or they are lowered to become leaves, Eden sinks. This refers to the fall of
Adam and Eve of Eden Garden. When Eve ate the forbidden fruit, she and Adam and
all their descendants were tortured forever for being driven out of Eden and
suffering all the pain that we humans know today. “So dawn goes down to day.”
This line is yet another comparison to the colors of spring turning from gold
to green, and the fall of Adam and Eve, but this time, dawn is going down to
day. Think of refreshing, golden hues of sunrise turning into the scathing heat
of a summer day.  “Nothing gold can stay.”In addition, we can continue our
daily lives. Leaves can absorb the sun and rain to give the fruit trees, we can
enjoy all the wonderful complexity of knowledge, and the full sunlight can
blaze on.