Negligence at all times was in the convalescence


Negligence is a may
consist of action or inaction. A person is negligent if he fails to act as an
ordinarily prudent person would act under the circumstances. Also can be a
conduct that it falls below for the protection of others against unreasonable
risk of harm.

            In this case by which the plaintiff, Ms. Tomcik, while in
the custody of the Ohio Department of Correction and Rehabilitation, said that
employees because the defendant has failed to diagnose oh timely confirmed his
breast cancer, the right breast it had to be eliminated. It is very surprising
how at one time everything that could cause the death of the plaintiff as a
tumor or cancer and how it was formed, without being able to have anything,
only gave patient a part of his chest to be remove, even though the defendant
was the victim of the negligence, after some time the complainant was analyzed.

Before all this happened
the plaintiff felt a lot of discomfort on the right side of his chest was also
very uncomfortable which Dr. Dr. Evans was the one who at all times was in the
convalescence of the passant until the final verdict on this case. The other
doctor who also was a part of this joining was Dr. Lidsky, he was a good
surgeon who found the lumps on the right side of person.

            I believe the defendant, had that in order to be transfer
the person who was placed early to get release. I think that in this case there
is much to be desired and I believe that this is an injustice that complies
with the law, no one can be judged without looking at the condition of how big
your accusation.

No one can be judged
without looking at the condition of how great is his accusation even more when
a person is judged without giving him the opportunity to be defended, we must
all listen so that we can be understood.

not only as in this case
which the person was judged and was a damage because he had to submit to all
tests to be done justice but it would not be the same when you submit to so
many things and you remove a part of your body for not knowing in time what was
in your body was forming. We look after our life no matter how much we have to
work and how much we strive.

This case is an example
for all of us so that we assert our rights before the law, and that we are not
ignorant that we can look and defend ourselves against everything they want to
accuse us, always be with our heads up and fight for what we want to be. Health
and life.

I give this 4 element of
negligence by writing on my own word what is means to me this case.



Case 2.

Euthanasia is the therapeutic
treatment that is wide used to provide a patient with comfortable death. It is
a type of medicine or therapy.

            I believe that euthanasia is an It is a procedure which
determines the life of a person who is destined to die, and who has no cure for
his illness, a person who suffers and feels a lot of pain and cannot bear the
suffering of his illness anymore. This form of term called euthanasia applies
to you.

Passive Euthanasia It is
the form of administering the high lethal dose of drug the patient to take his
life for like for person who have cancer, excessive dose of morphine
administration by the patient to get comfortable death with no pain. This perform
is to give to a patient let suffering so the end is more easy to patient go.

            I believe that Active euthanasia is when death is brought
about by an act – for cases when a person is killed by being given an overdose
of pain-killers. Passive euthanasia is when death is brought about by an
omission, when someone lets the person die.

Is very hard to choose to
end the person you love, or the friend, any member on family have the last word
to put that end on the person life, sometime one decision that is have to be
executable by sing a paper to give a censer so doctors can do it , to give
peace to patient who suffering .

            Also there are different 2 ways to differences between, voluntary
euthanasia when the patient or person who is sick, who is killed that has requested
to be killed because can support the pain or don’t have someone who can decide
or don’t have any family to get concert. Also can be another way is non-voluntary,
when the person or patient who is killed made no request and gave no consent.
Involuntary euthanasia, when the person or patient who is killed made by expressed
wish to the contrary or concern to be determine her /or he life.

            I think that nobody has the authority to decide on a
person, because only God is the only one that can take away oh give us the life
although there are laws that are according to some ways that a person suffer
less oh that ends his life in a dream to not suffer more. I know that the
method of euthanasia is a very well-known method for people who suffer pains
that have no cure such as cancer and leukemia are diseases that a human being
cannot stand and that is when a decision must be made, which is very sad and
painful for some families who do not want people who want to leave this world.
I think it is a very painful blow to decide for someone because only God is the
one that ends us oh give us.


On this last paragraph I
will explain my opinion about if should a Death with Dignity Act be enacted
also in New York State?

            I believe that death is a stage in which all one day we
will have to face and then be prepared for when this happens as for example if
letting your family know that your intention is when you are in the last not to
let your suffering is prolonged and you take the best decision, however painful
it may be, if you do not have a family just as a document addressed to a person
that you think can give the consent to proceed as is due by law.

            I am not agree on the one hand with this that beyond that
to end a life for more human evil that you have been or criminal, I believe
that we are all human and deserve life for shorter than it is. I agree with the
laws that by giving an injection a person will take his life even if he is a
criminal, I think it is better to pay in life all the bad things so that he
feels that in this life there is a good person and walking right without haser
damage to others. This is my opinion on everything that is about ending or
taking the life of a loved one or person.



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