Nicholas named the team The Washington Generals in

Nicholas Andrade1/9/18Period 4Washington Generals The Washington Generals are an American exhibition basketball team. This basketball team is best known for their losing streak against their nemesis The Harlem Globetrotters.The Washington Generals team’s coach was Louis “Red” Klotz and was also a player of his team. The Washington Generals were made to be the rivals of the Harlem Globetrotters because the founder of the Harlem Globetrotters wanted a rivals for his team. Their team’s color was yellow and green. So, this team the Washington Generals were the rivals to the Harlem Globetrotters and lost almost all their games to them. The founder of the Harlem Globetrotters, Ape Saperstein, wanted a team to go against his all the times. So, Ape called Louis “Red” Klotz and depended on him to make a rival for the Harlem Globetrotters. “Klots was a standout player at the professionals, collegiate, and high school level in his native Philadelphia.” For over six decades Klotz has been putting together a team to play against the Harlem Globetrotters and created in 1952. Klotz named had named the team The Washington Generals in honor of General Dwight D. Eisenhower (just got elected president). Although, this team went many name changes like Boston Shamrocks and New Jersey Reds and jerseys with the new name, eventually  returning as The Washington Generals. The Generals, unlike their rivals were serious in their games and the Globetrotters did cool tricks and shot crazy shots in a game. Even though the Harlem Globetrotters just mess around and make the crowd laugh the Washington Generals did their best to win. Some of the players of the Washington Generals didn’t even like their game to be silly. For instance, Eric Belkowski was a Washington General player for about two years from 2009 to 2011 and he hated the jokes and stayed away from it on the court. Also, Caleb Kimbrough said he was the “token white guy”, the guy who always had his pants pulled down. The Generals only had six games they won the Globetrotters out of about seven thousand games but, one game was recorded when they won.The day the Washington Generals beat the Globetrotters was January 5, 1971 and that ended the Globetrotter’s two thousand four hundred ninety five winning streak. At that time the Washington Generals were known as the New Jersey Reds. In the game when the Globetrotters were showing off to the crowd they didn’t notice the Reds were catching up. Later on in the game, the Reds were only down by 12 points and then went on into overtime. At the final buzzer, Klotz had made the last basket he had won the game for the Washington Generals/the New Jersey Reds against the Harlem Globetrotters. That game would be the last victory the Washington Generals had won their game against the Harlem Globetrotters. When his team had finally won a game Klotz stated, “As if it was that our team killed Santa Claus” he thought by the expressions the fans have. But, in the locker room the Washington Generals celebrated by spraying soda on each other. The last game the Washington Generals played the Harlem Globetrotters was in August 1, 2015. But, the Washington Generals had lost their founder Klotz July 14, 2014 at the age of 93. Today, the Washington Generals are still known as the Washington Generals after three years of being gone and a world’s longest losing streak against their rivals the Harlem Globetrotters.   The current roster of people on the Washington Generals are Sam Worthen as the coach, Dominique Asbury (Guard), Deran Banton (Guard), Trey Bardsley (Guard), Aquill Baynard (Forward), Urbane Bingham (Center), Shaquill Burrell (Guard), Gary Cox (Forward), Dan DelConte (Guard), Deandre Medlock (Center), Matthew Owusu (Guard), Tyshon Pickett (Forward), AJ Pigram (Guard), Luke Piotrowski (Forward), Matt Piotrowski (Center), Anthony Smith (Guard), Todd Starks (Guard), and Ervin Williams (Center). Sam Worthen the coach is a 59 year old with over four decades of in game experience. He has been in the “blacktops of Brooklyn and Rucker Park to the hardwood at Marquette University to courts in the NBA, CBA, USBL, IBL, MAAC, and NBDL. Deran Banton went to Lakeland Community College when he played in his sophomore year and had a 15 point average and six rebounds average per game, taking the Laker to their first Ohio Community College Conference in 18 years. Later on he transferred to Roger State University in 2012 and scored ten points average. Trey Bardsley went to Nebraska Wesleyan University and in his senior year 29.1 point average per game and 146 three pointers made getting him the Great Plains Athletic Conference Player of the Year honor. He also has the school record for points per season (874), points per game, three-pointers in a career (321) and three-pointers in a season. Aquill Baynard started his career at East Central Mississippi Community College with an average of 16 points and ten rebounds per game. Soon he changed to Philander Smith College averaging 14.4 points and 8 rebounds per games also receiving 9th place in NAIA shooting percentage. Urbane Bingham as a senior in his high school (Farmington High School) was chosen to the Class A all-state team averaging double double with 16 points and 12 rebounds. He spent one season at San Jacinto College Central with a total of 111 points and 77 rebounds and with Gillette college averaging 16.7 points and 7.2 rebounds. Shaquille Burrell at his senior year at Wheatley High School he led his team to UIL (University Interscholarship League) averaging 13.4 points per game and had a total of 495 points total. Shaquille went to East Central University, but before that he had two seasons with the Ranger Junior College averaging 7.5 points and 4.2 rebounds per game. Gary Cox was a three year letter winner in his high school Nimitz High School he was named to the Houstons All-Stars and played in the Greater Houston All-Star Game and averaged 17 points per game. Dan DelConte want to Gwynedd Mercy University, and he averaged a career high of 20.2 points per game and led his team in the three point field goals made (74) three point field goals attempted (192), free throws made (132), steals average (2.6) and games played (31). Also he holds the most steals in school history with 176 steals. Deandre Medlock received many awards like the Athletic Director’s Dream Team Award, most valuable player of Santa Barbara Tournament, and many more. He had  an average 13.1 points and 4.7 rebounds per game. Tyshon Pickett went to Dodge City Community College and as a freshman he averaged 13 points and 8 rebounds. He also earned the honorable mention honors on the 2011 NJCAA Region VI Team. He transferred to Bradley University and got to play in the 2013n Missouri Valley Conference All-Newcomer Team averaging 11 points and 5.5 rebounds. AJ Pigram got the All-Western Division team and All-TJCCAA (Tennessee Junior Community College Athletic Association) honor in his freshman year of Southwest Tennessee Community College. He has an average of 14 points per game and has a record of 22-6 overall. He spent one season with Claflin University and averaged 14.5 points in that season and played twenty six games. The took part of the American Basketball Association League averaging 19.6 points there. Luke Piotrowski dad was a NBA player for the Portland Trail Blazers and also coached high school basketball. Piotrowski (not his father) also earned many awards like the All-Conference honors award three times. In his games he averaged 10 points, 11 rebounds and four blocks per game.