No decorate their homes with bunches of ‘Christmas

No two Christmas traditions are the
same. My traditions are different than what a family in Norway would do to
celebrate. In this paper I will tell you about Australia’s traditions.

Christmas in
Australia takes place during their summer, which is from December to early
February. Australians hangs wreaths on their doors and sometimes sing carols on
Christmas Eve. They decorate their homes with lights and an Evergreen tree,
more commonly known as a Christmas tree. They also decorate their homes with
bunches of ‘Christmas bunch,’ a native tree that has small green leaves and
cream colored flowers. In the summer, the cream colored flowers turn a shiny
red color for a few weeks. Carols by Candlelight services are held in many
towns, with local bands and choirs sometimes preforming the carols. Since it is
the middle of summer, most words about cold weather and snow are often changed.
The Christmas meal is often eaten at lunch rather than dinner. Australians
usually have a cold Christmas meal or barbecue seafood, such as prawns and
lobsters, and serve it with ‘traditional English’ food. On December 26th,
which is known as Boxing Day, people visit their friends and often have
barbecues at the beach. Christmas Crackers are opened at meal times on
Christmas day.My family puts up a Christmas tree
and we all decorate it. On Christmas Eve, we all get new pajamas to wear to
bed. When we wake up, we open our gifts and eat breakfast. We get dressed and
go to our grandparent’s house, where our whole family meets and has dinner. At
Thanksgiving, the cousins draw names to see who we will get a present for.
After we open our presents, we have our annual competition of counting all of
the joys in our grandparent’s house. The winner gets a stocking holder trophy that
has the word joy on it. The winner gets to keep the trophy for the year and
bring it back the next Christmas day. My grandmother hides pieces of the
nativity scene all over her house and we search and bring the pieces back
together. Once we have found all the pieces, she tells the Christmas story
placing each piece back into the manger scene. Once we are done with the
festivities we eat dinner. After dinner we have a talent show and everyone
performs something special.  No
two traditions are the same. I told you about the traditions in Australia and I
told you about my own traditions. They have similarities but they also have
many differences. Even through all of the differences, one thing is the same;
the holiday is filled with cheer and brings people together.

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