No increase efficiency. (1) Never start a meeting

No one likes to attend meetings that prove to be completely
useless and unproductive. Meetings are required to brainstorm ideas, discuss
issues that affect the business and to have a conversation with the employees
or clients. But, if these meetings end up being unfruitful, you tend to feel
you have wasted time you could have used somewhere else. So, as a business
owner or even manager it is your responsibility to conduct meetings that are
not boring. We have brought you with some tips that could help you organize
effective meetings and increase efficiency.

Never start a meeting late. There will always be
a few people who join in late, but waiting for them to start is not good idea.
People will always be late, but when you start a meeting late because of those
people who couldn’t be punctual, you are disrespecting people who have bothered
to come on time. You can walk the latecomers through at the end of the meeting.

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A meeting cannot be conducted without a
well-prepared agenda. List all the objectives of the meeting that you want to
go through. Also, make sure you send a copy of this agenda to everyone who is
supposed to be present at the meeting, and email it at least 2 days before so
that there is enough time for everyone to prepare for the meeting.

One of the most important jobs of being a leader
is to be able to encourage and involve everyone in the discussion. For a meeting
to be successful, it is important for all attendees to be able to participate
in the discussions. If you feel a certain person may not be right for that
particular meeting, take their name off the list. The key is to ensure optimum

Most often, agendas are not met due to inadequate
time, mostly because the discussions go off topic. If someone tries to talk
about something that does not match the listed objectives in the agenda, it is
your responsibility to politely let the person know that they have diverted
from the main topic of discussion. However, if that topic is something that may
be important, you can set some time aside to discuss the same or hold a
separate meeting altogether.

In order to avoid missing out on any important
points discussed in the meeting, make sure you make key notes to document the
entire meting and a summary of the entire meeting is passed on to the rest of
the attendees as well so that everyone is on the same page.