There should be no rich muslims as long as there is poverty in the world

Some people think that no single Muslim should be rich if there are poor people in the world because they believe that the wealth of everyone should be equally shared out among the whole world. This is because they think that no one should be richer than anyone else. They also believe this because if Muslims have too much money, or money that they don’t need for their basic lifestyle, they start using it in a bad way. They get interest, buy and sell alcohol, gamble, buy cigarettes, or sometimes even drugs.

So, if everyone shared their money equally, then there would be no ‘wasting money’ and so the Muslims wouldn’t suffer. People shouldn’t get too attached to or too used to money because then they start getting greedy and they start realising that they can’t part with it. Money isn’t everything so you should share it. Even though you need money to get through life, it isn’t the most important thing on Earth. You don’t know that, (for example) you’ll ever be able to drive that extra Ferrari you’ve ordered because you may have an accident and never be able to walk again, never mind drive!!!

When you get buried (when you die), you might ask for 3 million diamonds to be put in your grave with you, but all these jewels will never go with your soul to Allah – only your good and bad deeds will go with you. Nothing else. If you give your wealth to the poor, it will benefit you with good deeds and benefit the poor with a better quality life. So, basically, your wealth does not stay with you forever so it would be best to use it in a beneficial way. “He who piles up his wealth and keeps counting it. ” “Thinking that his wealth will make him last forever. ” “By no means!

He will surely be thrown into That which breaks to pieces. ” (2:2-4) The meaning of these ayahs is very clear. These three ayahs simply tell us that people that collect money and try to get rich will be thrown into “that, which breaks to pieces,” which is the Hell-fire. Their wealth can’t save them from the Fire. There’s no use piling up your wealth to show-off or to try and be the richest!!! There’s also no use counting and re-counting your wealth because it’s not going to do you any good. The prophet (saw) said that: “He who eats and drinks whilst his brother goes hungry is not one of us. (Bukhari)

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This saying of the prophet (saw) is unmistakably telling us that giving charity is extremely important. It also suggests that people shouldn’t really be rich because they’ll always be poor people so people with money should not go spending it uselessly, but instead, should share their wealth. Even if you can’t give heaps of wealth, give what you don’t need. Don’t live a life of luxury if other Muslims can’t. By helping the Muslim ummah, the Muslims can unite and be strong and they can fight difficulties and hard times with the money people give them. Everyone would be happy.

Other people say that there should be rich Muslims because as long as they give their bit of zakah to the poor Muslims, it’s okay for them to have more money than others. They believe that if Allah decided to give them more wealth than he gave the others, then obviously they’re meant to be richer than the others. They believe that Allah gave them wealth so they can enjoy it and spend/use it in a good way. This is because Allah has blessed people that have more wealth than others. The poor aren’t very fortunate because them not having money is either a test or a punishment from Allah.

Allah tests every person in a different way. He tests them on wealth, natural disasters, diseases, wars, and many other difficulties. He wants people to see how much they love him. Muslims should provide money for the poor so that their Muslim brother or sister doesn’t starve with hunger. They shouldn’t worry about how much they to the poor, because the more you give in charity, the more Allah gives you. I agree and disagree with both of these statements because I think that it’s ok to be either equal to every single person on the earth, or to be richer as long as you give your bit of wealth to the poor and needy.

I disagree with the statement because Allah tests everyone differently. He tests some people with wealth, natural disasters, deaths, or other things. Allah makes everything for a purpose. He’s given people treasures so that they use it in a good way. He tests Muslims to see if they use their blessings in god or bad ways. He tests people too see if they help every poor and needy person around the world. Allah has made this life difficult for us because He wants to see how much we love him, but if we try our very best, Allah will make it easy for us and help us cope with the hardships in life.

Allah never puts a burden on us that we can’t bear. He is very merciful and understanding. If we do try our hardest, we will enjoy the blessings of this life and we’ll be rewarded with paradise in the here after (insha’Allah). Even if everybody was equal, we would end up like we are now. The shaytaan is in this life and he is always tempting us to do evil. Either way, they’ll be strong Muslims who will be able to cope with him, and weak Muslims who won’t be able to cope with the pressure so they’ll be the same income of some richer and some poorer people.

Some people will probably become greedy and steal from the others due to the shaytaan. So finally, war would break out, they’ll be murders, stealing, shame, etc and the whole idea of equal ness would be totally finished. The only place where they’d be no such problems would be paradise. This is the place that separates the good and the bad and the believers and the non-believers. Poor people are tested for patience. They should remember their creator in good and bad times, even if he puts them in difficult situations. If they pass their test with Him in their heart, He will surely reward them.

If they lose patience and fail to remember Allah, they will suffer. The key to paradise is patience. I agree because if everyone were equal, then the world would be a safe, happy and peaceful place to live on. There’d be no hatred, droughts, wars, cheating, people losing jobs, stealing, etc. No one would be driven to suicide, and murdering, etc. People wouldn’t use money in a bad way and money wouldn’t be wasted in silly things like gambling and drug dealings!!! Everyone would have his or her own, equal share of wealth.

I think I am blessed with the wealth I have, but I think I am also in the test of life because I have to spend and use my wealth wisely. The people without wealth are fortunate because they are being out to test by Allah because He loves them. If I was in a poor persons position, I’ll know that Allah is testing me and all I have to do to pass the test is to be patient and to love Allah and to worship Him. “Those who in charity spends of their goods by night and by day, in secret and in public, have their reward with their Lord. ” (2:274)