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Not only does psychology captivate me, it is also a subject that I am passionate and enthusiastic about. We all have questions or try to make sense out of life. I strongly believe that through its many aspects, psychology has the answers.In the later years of my secondary education, I studied Drama, and in order to understand our characters, my teacher told the class “through the line, try to imagine what the character is feeling and grasp that feeling and bring it into the play”. After that, I realised in order to bring a character to life I would have to feel a great deal of empathy towards my character. I studied psychodrama, the method that helped clients through role playing, and acting helped me to understand one of the aspects of this type of therapy. I chose to study health and social care as one of my sixth form courses. This particular subject introduced me to one area I became exceptionally interested in which is the intellectual, social and emotional aspects of PIES. This introduced me to an understanding of how thinking skills and memories are first developed as an infant and how it greatly declines its functions by the age of 75 and onwards. This not only helped me to understand how mentality and emotions are first developed. This topic touched briefly on dementia and it started making me very curious towards its mysteries. I became interested in dementia due to the fact that someday, someone could lose their minds to a disease with no prevention whatsoever. I find myself reading a range of novels, from fiction to academic books, in order to help expand my knowledge. I recently read Still Alice by the neuroscientist, Lisa Genova. This novel provided me with some very interesting angles on Alzheimer’s disease and how a Harvard English major professor became unrecognisable due to the disease. Another great book I read was Would You Kill The Fat Man by David Edmonds. In this book, the author talks about what many philosophers have struggled to come to a decision about, the famous trolley problem. This is a highly debated subject of whether one life is worth less when it can be used to save so many more. This book provides different perspectives from a range of philosophers and debates the rights from the wrongs. I have been living in London for four years now. When I moved here I joined the international group at Southfields Academy College. As an international student I had to do a total five GCSEs in a year time whilst learning new languages such as English and Spanish. I was born in Brazil, but I have dual nationality both being Brazilian and German. In my free time, I tend to spend time reading a range of different genres of books. I am also a keen swimmer and would often compete for my team in Brazil. This year I started taking German lessons is my fourth language, as I’ve always had an interest in learning new languages. My studies in history have provided me with a valuable skill set, like the ability to analyse and interpret historical data and events, which can also be applied to psychological research. I know this degree will challenge my intellectual, satisfy my scientific curiosity and expand my knowledge about the human behavior and the aspects of the mind. I look forward towards the experiences the University is going to provide me. I believe that I am a hard working, enthusiastic candidate who could achieve success in the psychology course which would hopefully lead to a further career.