Nowadays, become commonplace of human beings. From the

Nowadays, people like to decorate
their home furniture with the themes they like. Some of people will choose the
style and design in modern concept. Velo Chair is one of the modern furniture
design with aesthetic. Velo Chair was introduced by a British designer, Jan
Waterston. This chair is inspired by the shape of modern bicycles design that
lead Waterston to create an aesthetic design of furniture. According to
Waterston (2015), the interaction between body and chair should be a seamless
one and the user feels as though they and the chair are one. From his words, he
reflects the bicycle is an object that has relationship with the body. The
relationship between body and object can be similar as bicycle’s tube that flow
seamless into each other, changing shape constantly as improving function and
aesthetic (Waterston, 2015). This chair was made of Ash wood. From his modern
thinking and unique idea, he used only a single bent piece of wood to build
backrest design without curve flaws. Instead of thinking the beautiful design,
he also has test the limits of material’s physical that he used before he
introduces it to audience. On top of that, Jan Waterston has winning award
Student Furniture Designer of the Year for his unique furniture design, Velo

In my point of view, aesthetic value
is important to apply in furniture design. Aesthetic can be known as the
attractiveness in a product design. As we know, attract with beauty has become
commonplace of human beings. From the design of Velo Chair, it can attract
people to look at it since it has an unique design from people perception and
thought. According to Asch (1946), a comparable phenomenon is properly documented in regards to
human attractiveness. In addition, first impression of people influence mindset
formation and measurably have an effect on how people are perceived and dealt with
(Asch, 1946). On top of that, a product made of aesthetic design have a huge probability
of being used even it is not too functional. Compared to unaesthetic design
product, it will be lack of people’s acceptance even it has many benefits. Therefore,
this design will be worth for people who love arranging their home space with
modern furniture design even it is only a chair. As a designer, Jan Waterston
is success to make people attract towards his design. With the structure of
Velo Chair, it can be a wonderful addition furniture for people make it as



Besides that, the design of Velo
Chair will be one of product that can increase economic resources. Since it has
a good design and has own aesthetic, it demands into various regions applicable
to a product’s distribution or along with overseas market issues. As my point
of view, Jan Waterston has created a new design of home furniture in industry.
Indirectly, when he produces this product to foreign country, he makes other
people open up their eyes and make up their mind about his design as simple
furniture but has a good appearance of style. As a designer, developing a design
identity is an important thing. Waterstone creates Velo Chair using Ash wood
and used a single bent piece of wood to build backrest. It also can be said as
unique design when the backrest was created with the perfect curve. According
to Bloch (1995), product should has a power attractive design, it can
communicates and creates value. Within this context, Kotler (1996) stated
product design can construct favourable customer affiliations also a major tool
for creating brand identities and for making charactertistic product and
company images.

However, in my point of view,
there might be some people will against this idea of design. The judgement of
aesthetic value is depends on people’s cultural background, their level of
education or class. Some of them will not interest to place Velo Chair at home
as their favourite or addition furniture. Instead, they will appreciate the
vintage concept such as tradition chair design of their country, especially for
those who love classic style. People who is interested of classic style in
furniture design will not easy to adapt the modern style. For example, French
designer used the tradition style so then other countries will conclude that
French country has their own identity in designing furniture. Therefore, people
who loves classic style will buy French furniture in terms of the tradition
design but different country. In other words, there are some countries will
rejected Velo Chair design if they highlighted the national identity of the
product as their main reason to buy home furnitures.

Besides that, some of people will
query about the ability of this chair. Although the design of Velo Chair will
attract people to look at it, but it may cause people to keep their intendness
to buy it. This is because the thin chair legs will bring doubt to people
either it is strong or not to accommodate people’s weight. According to Lissak
(1998), industrial design is not the making plans of the surface, but the expression
of all capabilities through form. Despite of that, the relation of consumer to
product form is depending on their personal characteristics and personal
relations to surrounding product (Richins and Dawson, 1992). Hence, people who
look at this Velo Chair may feel interested and feel impress of the design. However,
some consumers will not buy it because of their doubt obstructing their
willingness to have it.

 As conclusion, aesthetic value is important to
be applied in product design. Since people are bias choosing better-looking design,
a designer should emphasizes the creative idea and the quality of the product.
Besides that, a designer can creates aesthetic design to make people appreciate
and understand what he wants to deliver about his product. However, the design
should not bring in the confusion of consumers about the whole product. It
should consists of an aesthetic design and people understand why the design is
created. Aesthetic design not only persuading people to buy the product,
however it is enlarging the world industry when it has recognized as good
design with good function and consist of valuable art.