Nowadays, instant and vast applications are having a

Nowadays, technology is making many improvements and their instant and
vast applications are having a great impact on our
life. Earlier, when there was no advent of modern day technology, life seemed
to be in slow motion. Most tasks consumed more time and needed much more hard
work. I believe that advantages that technology provides us, also brings us
disadvantages at the same time, so the essay below discusses bout some of the
advantages and disadvantages of technology in our life.

The society has been dramatically changed with the evolution of
technology. Modern technology has always been making changes or replacing the old
equipment with more advanced ones (Ramey, 2012, para.2). Firstly, technology
has provided us many sources of entertainment. It has also changed our way to
utilize leisure time by providing us device like television, video games,
mobile phones and computers (Ramey, 2012, para.9). Secondly, technology has a
great role in the field of education in schools and colleges as it has replaced
learning techniques to make it more simple and easy to study. Additionally,
internet provides many sources to access study materials and provides options
to the learners to study at their own from any place through computers (Ramey,
2012, para.11). Lastly, the traveling has become very easy and fast as a result
of modern technology as it has provided us with invention such as aeroplanes,
bikes, cars, buses etcetera (Ramey, 2012, para.7).

Technology with many advantages and comfort, also have some
disadvantage as well. We all are aware that people like to spend their leisure
time on television, mobile phone and computer. This not only leads to many ill
effects on our physical fitness but also, people are not able to spend enough quality
time with their family, which is negatively affecting their relationships (Kraut,
Patterson, Lundmark, Kiesler, Mukophadhyay & Scherlis, 1998, para.1).
Moreover, advancement in the field of education also have demerits, for
example, e-learning in the classroom serves as distraction for the students as
they most likely use online socialising sites rather than paying attention to
the lessons (Ronan, 2016). Furthermore, in my opinion using modern ways of
transportation for long distance are beneficial, but, for short distance people
should use bicycle or walk which will help them to remain fit and delay the occurrence
of persistent muscle pain and fatigue in their later life.

In conclusion, there are many positive effect of technology on our
life as it makes a lot of our work easier. There is no doubt that it has proved
to be really beneficial in the development process of today’s modern world. However,
on the other hand, with these advantages we gain disadvantages as well.
Technology usage is good but only to some extent. It should be used for the
purpose of benefit to humanity with caution. Overuse of technology or
overlooking to its disadvantages can have negative impact on our lives.