Ø parallel. Ø Applying Work Experiences to My

Ø  Courses I Am Taking This Quarter

BA63177 H2 Project Management-Khaled Falah

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BA63373G217 ISI Information Systems
Infrastructure – Khaled Falah

Ø  Link outcomes from my first course to My
Workplace-Project Management

Learning project management skills can make the Mainframes
valuable to the company.

Mainframes engineers should learn project
management skills such as budgeting and scheduling as they come under pressure
to deliver advanced for businesses.

Ø  Link outcomes from my second course to My
Workplace- Information Systems Infrastructure

Responsible for Mainframes, Developing and Supporting
Production activities Provide daily operations support and maintenance for Healthcare
domains and related information technology assets.

Proactively monitor the healthcare records and
related system information technology assets to provide stable, dependable
technology asset services and provide ongoing trend analysis.

Streamlined and secure data transfer between
offices through best-practice network optimization

Ø  Applying Work Experiences to My First
Course- Project Management

If business networks are self-organizing, they
can lead to multiple spontaneous innovations, where the locus tends to be on
networks of learning, composed of companies, universities, and research and
development centers.

Ownership of intellectual property that is
contributed by each organization, or is to be developed through the joint
project, is not an issue for an internal project, but is one that must be
addressed contractually in detail for a distributed Healthcare project.

Healthcare organizations can be characterized as
having complex adaptive systems, no central hierarchical control, and many
agents acting in parallel.


Ø  Applying Work Experiences to My Second
Course- Information Systems Infrastructure

A typical IT infrastructure in Mainframes
includes: Competent in JCL, COBOL, NATURAL,
XPEDITER,CHANGEMAN,ABEND-AID, VDR, Document Direct, Axway Sentinel tools,  EDI Transaction management tools ,  Microsoft Visio, HP Quality Centre and IBM

monitor network and related system information technology assets to provide
stable, dependable technology asset services and provide ongoing trend

Take lead role in projects, architecture and
support. Mentor junior team members.

One must be aware of the evolving security
measures and controls and should have the ability to implement the same in




Ø  Work Proposals:

•            An IT expert ought to be a
strategist to guarantee security of Mainframes, foundation and PC frameworks.
One must know about the developing safety efforts and controls and ought to be
able to execute the same in associations.


•            Infrastructure Analysts may work
in-house with an association or may work as specialists, and they more often
than not report specifically to upper administration. There is an appeal for
the specialized aptitudes that Infrastructure Analysts give.


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