Occupation question God we ought to be prepared

Occupation was an extraordinary man he had ten children seven child and three little girls and a spouse and a great deal of dairy cattle and land he was moral and a supporter and devotee to God. Satan was searching for a devotee to God to test the reliability they needed to ,God advised Satan to consider Job who was most good man. God said that he could yet that he couldn’t physically hurt Job so Satan assaulted and these things happened : Jobs specialists were executed, fire from paradise slaughtered his sheep and shepherds, and his camels were killed and the herders too, and to finish it off a strong breeze obliterated the house and murdered Jobs children.All this anguish was a test to check whether Job would sin or revile God and Job did not by any means the only thing that it did was make him exceptionally miserable. Satan had not influenced Job to revile God so Satan inquired as to whether he could now influence Jobs body and God revealed to Satan he could yet couldn’t murder Job.

Along these lines, Satan gave Job bubbles which were so awful he needed to rub them off his body and to exacerbate the situation his better half ask him for what valid reason hed did not simply revile God and die,and as Job has now tore his garments and shaved his head sitting in a pile of cinders three of his companion arrive at comfort him yet they wind up asking what sin merits the torment he is bearing.God at that point comes to Job in a tempest and inquiries him about what he knows this shows how much man does not comprehend that before we question God we ought to be prepared to respond in due order regarding areselvess. God asks “where were you when I laid the world’s foundation”(Job38:4)?God shows to Job how little he is and says numerous thing Job can not or understand.THen God favored Job and after that “he had 14,000 sheep and 6,000 camels and 1,000 burden of bulls and 1,000 female donkeys”.

(Job42:12)Job additionally had ten more kids and again had seven children and three girls. indistinct vague