Occupational I said sure let’s do it, so

Occupational Health and Safety means protecting the safety, health and welfare of people engaged in work or environment. The goal is to foster a safer work environment.

Speaker:              One day I was working as Cashier in Walmart, when they asked me that for some time could I stack some items on the shelf as they were out of employees on that day. In excitement I said sure let’s do it, so I have never stacked shelves, so I was just curious to explore that area. Manager himself came and guided me to do some warm up stretches and to practice Green Zone Lifting.

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I asked him what are those?


Manager:            Warm-Up Stretches,

They are required and are encouraged before each shift and after breaks. By warming up and stretching your muscles you can avoid strains related to handling merchandises and other materials

They keep muscle flexible, increase your range of motion, enhance flexibility, improve coordination, and increase blood flow to your muscles.


Green Zone Lifting:

As in Walmart, tasks require lifting, moving, carrying, or removing materials either manually or using tools. Material handling injuries are the number one hazard therefore it is essential to know the proper techniques for lifting safely.

·         Look at the item carefully and decide how you will be lifting it.

Two types of lift:

1.       Stagger Lift: In which your stance beside the load, bend at the knees, picking up the item holding close to you. Use your legs to lift and not your back. Turn your feet in the direction you want to move and carry the item in your green zone; between your hips and shoulders.

2.       Buddy Lift: If the item is too large, heavy or awkward ask for assistance and perform a buddy lift using the same technique as you would be lifting on your own.

By chance, if no one is around to help you out, page “3H” to you location and someone will come and assist you.


3H means Heavy, Hurry, Help    


Speaker: All right! I get back to the work and practised those and it really helped me out. Its simple science you are working against gravity, you need to maintain proper posture while performing work as it effects won’t be felt in short run but when you look in a long run it affects your body.