Of Mice and Men Ch 1-3

Character that is willing to give his life savings for the farm

Character that represents majority

Character emphasized with brown

Title of the poem that the novel comes from
To a mouse

When candy’s dog is shot, the ______ of the setting is emphasized

Who is the “prince of the ranch”

Who has an undefined, shapeless face

Who gives the eye
Curleys wife

Who did Lennie and George get tickets from
Murray ready

What two characters are linked to social commentary
Slim and the boss

Which character has a hatchet but ageless face

Ch 3 begins with an emphasis of

Who wore high heel boots with spurs
The boss

Who has a napoleonic complex

The author of the poem that the title comes from
Robert burns

What makes the dream seem a reality
Candy offering to play money

Which character only has one hand

What type of worker are George and Lennie

Where did the men store their possessions in
Apple crate

Who is the author of “of mice and men”

In the bunkhouse, most of the possessions were

What literary device is used when the title of “of mice and men” and “to a mouse” are related

In “to a mouse” what does this mean: “The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray, and leave us naught but pain and sorrow for promised joy”
You can plan for something in order to control the outcome. The more planing you do can make you feel better, however things outside of your control can work against you

When do most of Steinbeck’s stories take place? What was going on during this tim
In the 30’sGreat depression

What are migrant workers
Travel from job to job-> hard to establish roots, family and friendship

What are social commentaries? Is the story one?
Reflecting, reporting on conditions in society, usually negativeYes

In chapter 1, what kind of setting is it? Give some examples
Positive-spring-crisp-colors (green, yellow)*images of nature

Description of george (in ch 1)
-small and quick-dark of face-restless eyes-sharp strong features-every part defined- small strong hands-slender arms-thin and bony nose*everything is clear cut

Description of Lennie (in ch 1)
-huge man-shapeless face-large pale eyes-wide sloping shoulders-walks like a bear-dissability*not clear cut like George, more nebulous

Due to his dissability, how does Lennie act?
Like a kid-kept dead mouse to pet it-didn’t check water and dumped head in it-throws pebbles

What is George and Lennies relationship
George takes care of Lennie and prepares him for work

What is George’s attitude towards lennie
Sometimes mean and resents him

Why did George and Lennie get kicked out of their old job
Lennie was left alone-Lennie wanted to touch and pet a girls red dress. She started yelling at Lennie and he got scared so he held on tight. Lennie wouldn’t let go, even when George hit him in the head multiple times. George and Lennie ran and hid in an irrigation ditch because she sent people to get them, saying it was rape.

When George asks Lennie to get the sticks for the fire, what does Lennie do?
Brings back 1 stick and gets the mouse- he thinks George is being mean by wanting to take the mouse so he tries to hide it, eventually gives it to George and he throws it away again

What does George think he will have if he didn’t have to take care of lennie
Money, girls, stable job

Lennie shows his immaturity and child like behavior in chapter 1 when
He threatens to run away and leave george

What is Lennie and George’s dream
George has told Lennie this many times-they have a future because they have each other while most guys have no one. They will get their own farm and live off of the fat of the land. This story for George is great because he will get to have freedom and be self sufficient and Lennie just really wants to tend the rabbits

Where did George tell Lennie to go if he gets in trouble? What literary device is this?
To the brush(where they were staying)Foreshadowing

What kind of rabbits does Lennie want? What does this suggest about the dream?
-different colored-dream is far-fetched

Description of the bunkhouse
-simple/plain-men keep their possessions in an apple crate (size of a desk) -> the possessions are all necessities except for western magazines (entertainment) -has a table with playing cards for entertainment

Description of candy
-stooped shoulder-no right hand-old man-“swamper”-knows a lot- nice

Who was whitey
-previously had George’s bunk-very clean (washed hands after he ate, dressed up when he didn’t have to)

Description of the boss
-very generous-cares about the people that work for him-short and stocky-black color describes him-doesn’t understand George and Lennies relationship (social commentary) George says they are cousins and then the boss accepts this

What did George tell the boss about why Lennie has a dissability? Is this true?
-Lennie got kicked in the head with a horse-no

Description of curley
-young-brown face-thing-curled hair-wore boots like the boss-picks fights with bigger people (napoleonic complex)-handy-bosses son-married-> cockier bc of this-glove full of Vaseline -conflict between him and Lennie-only has authority bc of his dad

Description of slim
-gentle voice-very nice-curleys wife gives him the eye-large but delicate hands-questions George and Lennies relationship, says most people hate each other-long, black hair-“prince of the ranch”- blue jeans and denim jacket-30 or 50 years old-slow speech-jerk line skinner- hatchet ageless face-natural leadership*complexity and contradictory

Curleys wife description
-wears a lot of make up-paints her nails (done up)-curled hair-cotton dress and red mules-nasal voice (brittle quality)-red

Do George and Lennie like it at the bunkhouse

Slim seems to be an understanding guy, but what does he not understand about George and lennie
Why they stay together-says people are sacred of each other

Description of Carlson
-fat-powerful-represents the majority

What does slim do to 4 dogs? Why?
Drowns them because they were going to die. Represents survival of the fittest

Whose dog is dying? Who wants to kill it and why? Who agrees with him
-candy’s-Carlson because it smells and it dying, can’t eat-slim agrees

Why does Lennie want one of the puppies
-doesn’t want them to die

Who does candys dog not like

How did George treat Lennie before? Why did he stop treating him this way?
-he was mean and played jokes on Lennie because it made him feel smarter-he stopped when it wasn’t funny anymore because Lennie almost drowned to death after George told him to jump in the water

After Lennie almost drowns, how does he act towards George
He thanked George for saving his life, even though his life was at risk because of George since he told him to jump

What does slim call Lennie when talking to george
Cuckoo and George gets defensive

Who does George choose to trust? What does he tell them?
-slim-about how Lennie got them fired in their old place (weed)

Why does George trust the person he does about the information on why they got fired from weed
Slim is calm, thinks before he answers and doesn’t get mad

What does George say happens if you don’t have a guy? Who agrees
You get meanSlim

Who is crooks
Black stable guard

Why is candy hesitant to let Carlson kill his dog
He had the dog his entire life and he was his friend (Carlson doesn’t understand this)

What do all the men in the bunkhouse do when they heard the shot that killed candys dog
They all look at candy-> he faces the wall

What is Susie’s place

Why is Susie nice
She will just let you have a drink if you don’t want anything else

Who owns another brothel besides susie

Is curleys wife reliable to curley
No, she gives everyone the eye, he always had to go looking for her, she makes him anxious

What does candy offer to become a part of the dream
All of his life savings, a will, and he would help cook

Why was George hesitant to let candy be a part of the dream
Because it always only included him and Lennie, but then he agress

How much will George and Lennie pay to secure the farm

Does candy regret the way his dog was killed
Yes, he says he should have killed him himself because then the dog would have been more comfortable when he died

Why was Curley picking a fight with slim
He thought slim and his wife were together

Who openly says he will fight curley

Who does Curley decide to fight? What happens?
-Lennie-Curley beats Lennie bc Lennie is scared and no one told him what to do (he wasn’t looking for a fight).

Then George tells Lennie to get Curley and Lennie grabs curleys fist when he goes to punch him and Lennie crushes his hand

What did they compare Curley to when he approached lennie
A terrior (small but acts tough)

How was Curley described when Lennie grabs and crushes his fist
Like a fish flipping on a line (powerless)

What does George have to do to make Lennie let go of curleys hand
Hit him

What is George afraid of after Lennie crushes curleys hand? What does slim do to help?
That they will get fired so slim tells Curley to say his hand got stuck in a machine-> Curley agrees because he was embarrassed

Does everyone blame Lennie for hurting curley
No, they think Curley had it coming