of to be a three-strike law when it

of finding the right
balance between when to step in and remove a child and when to work with a
family that is trying but struggling. Child Protective Services work to help
parents address the problems they are dealing with, so they can be better
parents. They work to do return children to their parents, but supervised by
Child Protective Services, in a timely matter.

            Child Protective Services isn’t perfect. They often let
parents or guardians know they are coming which allows them to clean things up
and coach the children. They also need to make the drug tests random. Letting
someone know they must take one and when allows them to get cleaners to clean
their system. They are also an issue in the pay as I have addressed before.
These social workers often carry heavy caseloads, especially now that they are
understaffed. They don’t receive proper return on the amount of work they put
in. It leaves employees unhappy and it’s harder to retain them. Child
Protective Services has its hands tied some. It’s hard to come in and tell
people how they can or should be raising their children. They are protocol and
laws to follow. They need to respect the child’s feelings and bond with their
parents and guardians and nurture that while not knowing if they will
eventually have to terminate the rights of said guardian or parent. I have
always thought there needed to be a three-strike law when it comes to Child
Protective Services. If you can’t get it together after three founded reports,
your loss your rights. Believe in second chances, but sometimes you must put
the child’s wellbeing above what’s comfortable.

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            What is the future of Child
Protective Services? Child Protective Services isn’t perfect. There are things
that need to be changed, and laws that could benefit all involved. All in all,
I believe that Child Protective Service is moving in the right direction and is
needed in our society, and for our children. I believe there will always be a
need for Child Protective Services. Since society changes and what we view
acceptable I believe this policy will see many changes as it