On the other hand, the treatment which is

On the other hand, the treatment which is given to the Alzheimer patients is Positron emission tomography and it various rewards such as the rays which are realised at the same time as PET system produces an image with high resolutions this means that service provider with the help of the machine will be able to produce an accurate result and exact report about the condition of the service user. Another benefit of PET is that the rays which traces are in countless availability of suitable isotopes. The Positron which emit isotopes that are biologically active these include fluorine, carbon and oxygen. These all isotopes are available and can used for other purpose.  As well as, PET can also be used to keep the functions of the brain going and after that they can do the analysis of conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease. The second treatment provided for Alzheimer’s disease is Magnetic resonance imaging. The benefit of MRI is that it provides images of the soft-tissues like heart, liver and other organs and it precisely and exactly represent disease. Due to this fact, it makes the MRI scans valuable tool in in particular early stages of life to disclose whether the person has any sort of disease as well as for evaluation of various tumours. Another possible advantage of MRI scan is that it finds abnormalities that may be hidden by the bone and which other imaging procedures can hardly detect. Moreover, this procedure does not require imaging performances revealing to ionizing radiations.   In my opinion, there are various treatment, therapy ad medication available for the service users with the diverse physiological disorder and also for different type of diseases various carer are involved as well in order to provide the best care to the patients and support the individuals when they need it. Similarly, there are different format where these care can be delivered to the patients by the professionals. Moreover, in my own perspective not every treatment can work well for all individuals so the professionals should apply the primary treatment and see if it works well for the service user and if not provide the patient with other treatment maybe it works in a better way or they can refer them to the specialists so they can get treated earlier before the disease gets worse.