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Once you start creating this list, you may be amazed at the complexity of what you havealready accumulated and what you still need to purchase, lease, beg, or borrow in order to runyour business.In a business plan, you need to provide a list of movable and immovable equipments andaccessories in more organized way. Now, when you write capital equipment and supply list inyour business plan, you should include those equipments and machineries which are stored inyour commercial infrastructure. All these items have value in the market. Your clients need toknow the amount of the tools and equipments which are kept under lock and key in your storeroom. You need to mention the date of depreciation of products.

If you are not confident ofthe date of expiry of your equipments, in the business plan, you should give the date ofpurchase. Just look around — what do you see that would qualify? Your computer, monitor,printer, scanner, software, desk, chair, bookshelves, telephone and answering system, faxmachine, and conference room table can all be included on your capital equipment list. Andthis is just for a small in-home setup.25Should you buy or should you lease? And if you do the latter, what terms should younegotiate? These are good questions to discuss with your accountant. Even if you feelconfident that you can maintain your financial records once your business gets going, it isprudent to invest in time with an accountant during the start-up phase of your business. He orshe may provide you with some options that you had not previously considered, putting yourcompany in a stronger financial position, especially in regards to capital equipment andoperating expenses.

As a general rule, capital equipment lists don’t include expendable items, such as pens, paper,other office supplies, or your daily intake of chocolate. nevertheless, these items areexpenses, so you will want to keep track of the money spent on them when you calculate yourbottom line.261.3 Legalize the Business PlanAfter analyzing everything then after time comes for action to legalize that business planbecause above all statements it’s all about idea but for establishing it has to have register byparticular company’s act.