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One of the worst feeling is not knowing who to trust in times of trouble. Well that’s kind of what happens to Cady in th book The girl who suppose to die by April Henry, published in 2013, except Cady finds someone to trust which is Ty. April Henry is an American who has written mysteries, thriller, and young adult novels. I chose this book because a teacher recommended it t me after I told her im interested in fiction. So in this way The Girl Who Suppose to Die is a good choice for me. There are three main characters in the novel. Cady, the main character is 16 years old with blond hair and freckles. Ty, an 18 years old with dark hair and brown eyes is someone Cady meets at mcdonalds who intends to help her. Finally, Patrick and Janie scott who are Cady’s parents are virgologis. They work with viruses and are the reason why Cady is in danger. The time period of the novel was in twenty first century. The story takes place in Portland, Oregon. The plot of the story is that one day cady was walking to school by herself but suddenly everythings goes dark and she finds herself in unknown place, with bruises all over her boy. Cady wakes up hearing three mans deciding to kill her or not. She doesn’t know who she is or anything about her life. She escapes from the three mens and steals their car and a gun. As Cady goes to Mcdonald for food, she meets a guys named Ty. He helps her get away and promises to help her recover her memories.  A day later, Cady gets a word from her aunt through the radio teling her that she’d be in Portland searching for her. Ty and Cady went straight to Portland to find aunt Liz. After they met, aunt Liz tells her that her parents created a vaccine that cures disease. Only Cady’s parents know how to make the vaccine. Later on aunt Liz takes her to Cady’s house incase her memories come back to her. Aunt Liz started to get frustrated when cady wasn’t remembering anything. She then took out her gun and pointed at Cady. That’s when her memories came back to her and she realizes that aunt Liz wasn’t actually her aunt but her parents boss.  In the novel there are two passages i really like. In the beginning of chapter 14, ty and cady were in SUV trying to escape and hide from the mens. The passages says it’s like we stepped into some tv shows about cops or spices. Only were not cops or spies. were’e trengers” (58). This quote shows that cady feels like everything that has happened to her is a dream. I like this quote because most readers can relate to it. This quote is also true for this story because out of nowhere cady gets kidnapped and wakes up in unknown place. This doesn’t feel real to her. It feels like she’s in a tv show.  Towards the end of the book, every problems was solved. Ty and cady kissed for the first time. Cady narrates ” i found an old awnser deep within myself Don’t act. Be” (213). This quote shows that cady is back to her old self. She forgets the past, doesn’t worry about the future but focuses on9 the moment she’s in. I like this quote because i can relate to it and i’m sure other readers will too. I wasn’t sure if i was going to like this book but i ended up loving it. I don’t usually like reading but this was the first time a book was actually interesting t me. I like this book because it keeps you interested and wanting to read more. I mostly like the beginning of the novel because everyone was against cady. But i disliked how the beginning had the interesting parts but thoughts the book it was quite predictable.