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One of the most common searches on the internet is about How to Negotiate your salary. We all want to get the highest possible salary but unfortunately not everyone manages to get that. The main reason behind that can vary but the end result is not that rare. No doubt salary negotiation is the best way to increase your income you have to be prepared for what you are going to do. We all have some kind of misconception that only experienced people are in the position of negotiate about their salary. But one thing that needs to be cleared here that you can even negotiate on your salary when you are first offered the job. Salary negotiation can make you a little uncomfortable but it is very important. Let’s take help of the stats to make you realize how important it is. Some researches have researched on the monthly income and salaries and they have found that failing to negotiate on the initial offer results in missing out on average 600,000 dollars in a career. Now you know what are you missing? Although there are many tools available these days that you can use to take help or you can even ask your friend or family member to get an idea about your salary but we believe that you should be equipped with the necessary tips in order to get the salary that you always desired. Keep one thing in mind that the purpose of the interview is to sell yourself. So first thing first, find what you worth. After finding your worth start believing on yourself. Because if you don’t believe on yourself then your employer will not believe it either. Keep that specific company in mind for what you are applying for. Do a bit of research and find out how capable that company is to provide you with the salary that you desire. All you have to do is to convince your employer to pay your appropriately for your skills and experience. Make sure that your negotiation is not very aggressive. Negotiations are not only restricted to salary but it can include the aspects of compensation, bonuses, benefits, vacations, perks and more. Following are some of the tips that you should have in your mind before you plan to negotiate on your salary.Wait for the right time: There is right time for every thing and you should wait for the appropriate time to talk to your employer. Do a of research and find out how much you should be earning. Also look for a way in which you will go about getting it. Start patiently and then start putting your points in front of the employer or recruiter. If you have an interview then let the phase of screening and testing to pass. Let them know what you are capable of and what they will get.Don’t be the first one to throw out the number: However most people believe that you should provide them with a number yourself but the biggest demerit of doing that is that you will never going to know what they have to offer. Almost every company ask you for your expected salary. If you are applying through a form then it is recommended to keep that space blank. If they have asked you this question in the interview then there are better ways to avoid answering the question. One of the polite way to do this is to answer with “I will consider any reasonable offer.” If they asked you the same question for the second time then you can answer with ” You are in a much better position to know how much I worth to you then I am”. Hopefully they will not ask you the same question again. The main idea is not to be the first one to throw out a number. Let them offer you a number. If it is above your minimum then take the job. Other wise you can talk to the recruiter and can negotiate.Ask for a data based salary: What we mean by this is to make sure that you demand a salary that is right according to the market. You can do your research before going for an interview then how much a person hired for a specific job should ask for. Look for the responsibilities and challenges that you have to face in that company or on that post. Then sum up the collective data and make a figure. It is recommended not to talk about your personal financial needs.Give it a time: Don’t assume that your employer will get ready on the first offer that you will give him. Be patient and give it a time. If you have received your offer letter from that company then don’t hurry up in replying to the offer. In the interview you can tell that you need time to think over or you can mail them that you will reply in a specific time. Think about the offer that they have give you and examine that how much you can negotiate.Be brave enough to say no: This is one of the biggest reasons that most of the people don’t get the salary that they should get. A simple no can bring you the best offer. There are many better ways to say no in a very professional and polite way. You can tell them why you have rejected previous offers from other companies because of the salary. Let them know how many follow up phone calls you are expecting. This will definitely put pressure on the recruiter and the end result will be a raise.Don’t decline the job you want: