OscarJulie or asked anyone about who Juliet was

OscarJulie Alba English15 December 2018Love  is a game of Patience Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare is a play about to lovers who live in the city of Verona.These lovers are the Son and Daughter of the rich and famous Capulets and Montagues. Romeo one of the lovers is the tragic hero and his fatal flaw is that he acts impulsively and does not reason,he acts with his instincts and does not care of the consequences of the decision he makes. All around the play you can see all the mistakes Romeo commits by not thinking things through and not talking his time.     Romeo is too young to love. I think Romeo is too young to love because of many reasons one of the reasons is because of his age. Romeo is 18 years old he hasn’t experienced anything of life. He does not now how to take care of himself and less to take care of another person . Another reason I think he is to young to love is that he changes from Rosaline to Juliet in a blink of an eye. Romeo was deeply in love with Rosaline as this quotes says , Romeo “When the devout religion of mine eye Maintains such falsehood, then turn tears to fire; And these who, often drowned, could never die, Transparent heretics, be burnt for liars.One fairer than my love? The all-seeing sun Ne’er saw her match since first the world begun.”(1.2.95-100) This quote proves about how much Romeo loved Rosaline until he saw Juliet. By Romeo making that decision you can see he doesn’t really know what love really is. He does not understand his feeling and just acts on the first thing that comes to his mind. That is a really big sign of immaturity. Romeo has to many mixed emotions that he cannot control what he really wants.If Romeo thought things through and if he had taken his time himself and Juliet will both be alive . A good example of Romeo being impatient is in the Capulet’s Ball when he first sees Juliet . Romeo does not hesitate or asked anyone about who Juliet was he just went right in and kissed her, His impatience is shown all around the play and it plays a big factor on the play. Another example of Romeo’s impatience is when he killed Tybalt. If Romeo had never killed Tybalt he will never be exiled out of Verona. He killing Tybalt is an example of how he does not think thing through . The biggest and most important evidence you can have of Romeo’s impatience is when he gets notified that Juliet is dead. Romeo immediately goes to juliet tomb and does not consult anyone who knows about Juliet. As we can see on the play if Romeo waited the letter that Friar Laurence sent to him noticing the plan they had with Juliet that she was going to fake her death he would had never killed himself. Romeo does not care about the consequences of his actions,he just cares on what he wants and does not care how to get there. All around the play you can see Romeo trying to get  one thing and that is  to love someone. First he went to the capulet’s ball to go meet with Rosaline.He didn’t expect you will find someone else as beautiful as her but he Juliet you fell in love with Juliet immediately after he saw her and didn’t care about anything unless loving her and trying to make her his wife. The biggest consequence about that is that she never figured out that Juliet was one of the capulets and that it was his biggest rivals  daughter. another consequence Romeo suffered from his love with Julian was is that the death of his best friend Mercutio.  because you got killed because of Tybalt Juliet’s cousin figured out about the romance Juliet and Romeo were having And he tried confronting Romeo and trying to kill him but nevertheless  got he killed  Mercutio. After that Romeo  end after table and killed him.  when Romeo killed Tybalt he didn’t realize what was going to happen to him and all the things that we’re in play with him killing Tybalt. When Romeo killed Tybalt he got exiled from Verona and could never see Juliet again. therefore that led to Juliet’s death and his own death it’s decisions were really poor and he couldn’t fix them. the one person you need to blame of the death of the both is Romeo because of all the decisions he made and all the mistakes he made through the way just for trying to love someone.