Our are going to use SERVQUAL. SESRVQUAL is

Our aim in this project is to measure the service quality provided and to measure the customer satisfaction. In this project, we are going to use SERVQUAL. SESRVQUAL is a multi-dimensional research instrument that is designed to capture the customer expectation and perception of a service.  In this project we chose the SERVQUAL because it was proven to be the most popular tool used, it is the best method, and it works specifically for services. Our main focus in this project is to analyze the survey results on data envelopment analysis. There are several steps to take to get the results we want. The first and crucial step is to identify the quality practices and the link between customer satisfaction and quality practices for service business. Second, developing a survey instrument to assess the quality service and customer satisfaction, after that distributing the data to the entire customers in the 3 coffee shops and collect them back, after that step we must data clean, furthermore build the data envelopment model (DEA). The DEA is where we will set the input and the output of the data collected, after that we must run the model, where it will calculate the store efficiencies for analysis. Finally, we will analyze our results and conduct our conclusion. Having one solution to our problem is not efficient; therefore having alternative methods is essential. Regression analysis instead of DEA, Nordic model which is an alternative tool for SERVQUAL, a personal interview which can be in place of the survey instrument, and we also may use DMAIC rather than our design.

            Starbucks, Caribou, and, Costa is the three coffee shops that are chosen for this project. Each one of these coffee shops have more than 10 different branches distributed all over Kuwait. The aim is to help these coffee shops to distinguish which branch is stronger than the other. Some branches are bigger; some branches have more staff than other, does the location of this branch suit the customer. This project will help distinguish and improve all these problems and look at what the customer wants and desire.

            Having high or low satisfaction depends on the level of expectation of the customer. The interior and the exterior of the coffee shop is important to many customers but the main concern is the product or the services provided. Poor product or service can lead to customer dissatisfaction. Variation in the quality of the product or the service can also lean on dissatisfied customers. Having to change all the time can cause your customers to run away from you instead of being loyal. Having loyal customers or regular customers must be your number one priority because most of the profit or revenue that you are gaining are from these customers. Having your customers involved in some changes in your coffee shop might give you some feedback on how they look at things. You can look at it in a different perspective.

            A survey is one of the methods to communicate with your customers.

            After collecting data from our survey tool we will analyze it in order to solve our problem. Before data are entered into the computer there are some steps both human and computation should do.  We will be having a quantitative data; therefore we will be using some statistical methods. First, we should double check every question before we enter the data for analyzing. So that we should see that each question has one selected answer, and sees that no question has been skipped. Additionally, some problems we may face is while asking people to fill the survey they might just put answers without reading it, or just find it funny to choose the same answers for the full survey, so here comes our job to eliminate those surveys in order remove any obvious predisposition or invalid reactions in order to have very specific and correct result. This process may take more time and delay some of our work, but it will, of course, be worth it to reach our correct result.  

            Service quality is frequently conceptualized as the comparison between benefit expectations and the actual execution recognitions. It improves client satisfaction, diminish client absconding, and advances client dependability. We inspected the concept of benefit quality, its measurements, and estimation strategies. We present the perceived service quality index (PSQI) as a single degree for assessing the numerous thing benefit quality build based on the SERVQUAL demonstrate. A slack based measure (SBM) of proficiency with consistent inputs is utilized to calculate the PSQI. In expansion; a non-straight programming demonstrate based on the SBM is proposed to portray an enhancement rule and move forward benefit quality. A huge number of thinks about have utilized DEA as a benchmarking apparatus to degree benefit quality. Their models do not propose a coherent execution assessment build and thus come up short to convey advancement rules for progressing benefit quality. The DEA models proposed in this consider are planned to assess and progress benefit quality inside a comprehensive system and without any reliance on outside information. Client fulfillment is one of the most vital sources of competitive advantage in benefit quality has a critical impact on client fulfillment. Conveying benefit with a tall level of seen quality can improve client devotion, in this way moving forward client maintenance. The impact of benefit quality on client fulfillment and its impact on picking up competitive advantage are verifiable. In spite of the fact that numerous thinks about have been conducted to distinguish the most critical measurements of benefit quality, investigate on the comprehensive assessment of benefit quality has been constrained. The proposed execution estimation framework employments information envelopment examination (DEA) to assessment a set of peer substances called decision- making units (DMUs). DEA is a non- parametric numerical modeling strategy, which requires exceptionally few suspicions and can be utilized in execution assessment issues with complex relations between numerous inputs and different yields. DEA can be utilized to supply an all-encompassing see of benefit quality, which is composed of different thing builds. The benefit quality estimation strategies can be broadly categorized into two bunches: occurrence based and trait-based strategies. The occurrence based strategies captured and analyzes the client occurrence information amid different contact circumstances. The trait based strategies degree the quality of benefit on diverse measurements. There are five dimensions that are inputs tangibles, service supply, empathy, problem solving, and security. DEA is not a frame of relapse show, but or maybe it is a wilderness-based straight programming based optimization procedure. It is aimless to apply a test measure prerequisite to DEA, which ought to be seen as a seat-stamping instrument centering on person execution. It is likely that a critical parcel of DMUs will be considered as productive; on the off chance that there are “instrument numerous” inputs and yields given the number of DMUs. In case the objective is to get less productive DMUs, at that point one can utilize weight confinements or other DEA approaches to decrease the number of productive DMUs.

            After building the DEA model and run the model we must analyze the output or the result. There are two types of guidelines that can be obtained from the DEA analysis. Firstly, you can check whether the company or the organization wants to reduce input or increase production according to the DEA results. Secondly, an inefficient company or an organization might be able to identify reference unit. This makes it possible to study production that is more useful and thus get more information on other solutions.