Outline and make the social institutions of family,


Thesis Statement:

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everyone has different worldviews, the Christian worldview will help people to
have better lives in the future for several reasons.

         Concept of God helps people in
the past, present, and future.

A. The history of Christian Worldview in the past,
present, and future.

1. The past demonstrates that
people need God for Christians’ life.

2. The present indicates
that people still need God for Christians’ life.

3. The future proves that
people need God at any time for Christian’s life.

B. External Reality and Humanity are all essential
because it affects Christian’s life.

1. God created the heavens, which include spiritual factors
regarding reality and the material universe. Also he actively the existence and
operation on all creatures through His omniscience and omnipotence.

2. God created humanity within His picture as
rational, ethical agents, then possessing free will, choices, and inherent
moral values. Human characteristic consists about each physical or metaphysical

       There are many benefits of
Christians’ worldview.

A.    There
is only God who exists in three people; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God’s
words for Christian include eternality, infinity, and righteousness.

B.     Only
the Christian worldview, including its emphasis on the religious and its appreciation,
concerning man’s abject condition execute can truly address and tell the
innermost issues about the individual in Christians. God’s words help
Christians to get in touch with their actual selves only due to the fact that
it allows them to recognize and realize as a result of their necessity because
of Sinners.

C.     According
to the Christian worldview, Christian sociology is based on totally regarding
the profession; so that, each the individual, the social and associate order,
and business management are very important to God, mankind, and society.
Moreover, God’s words help and make the social institutions of family, church,
and regime to teach and instruct love, respect, discipline, work, and

D.    The
Christian worldview sees records namely a rate beyond the creation concerning
the world; thru, the fall of humanity, in imitation of the liberty over the
world and humanity. It was the fall so much destroyed humanity’s relationship along
God, each other, yet the world. It was the action of Jesus Christ on the cross
that redeemed and pass to that amount of redeemed humanity and will finally
restore or desire sooner or later the world again beneath God’s good rule.


The Christian worldview is
very comprehensive, complete, and understandable conception in these days beyond
a Christian’s viewpoint. The Christian worldview also must affect each area or
location on life, beyond psychology to sociology, from science in accordance
with philosophy, from law or regulation to economics. The biblical Christianity
is more than a set concerning religious doctrine and knowledge according to
recite or describe at any church. Christianity as much taught into the Bible is
a complete and full of worldview.