Outsiders – Passage and Poetry Connection

How does Ponyboy feel towards Cherry?
Ponyboy likes Cherry and feels comfortable with her, but accepted the fact that they are in different social classes.

How does Cherry feel towards Ponyboy?
Cherry felt that Ponyboy is a nice person, but he is still a Greaser. So, if she saw him in public, she would not try to socialize with him. She would not want to ruin her reputation.

What significance does the idea of Cherry and Ponyboy watching the same sunset hold?
This means that Ponyboy was trying to tell Cherry, “at the end of the day,” everyone is human. Even though they live in separate areas of town, there is something in the middle connecting them and bridging the gap between rich and poor.

What is the main idea of poem #1? I’m nobody! Who are you?How dreary to be somebody! How public like a frogTo tell one’s name the livelong day 8 To an admiring bog!
The main idea of poem 1 was to show “people often feel isolated and like ‘nobody’ but usually they aren’t really alone. There is someone else out there feeling the same isolation.

How do lines 2-4 demonstrate the relationship between Ponyboy and Cherry and the conversation they had in the above passage?Are you nobody, too?Then there’s a pair of us — don’t tell!They’d banish — you know!
Even though they belong to different social groups, they share similarities. Cherry and Ponyboy have a mutual understanding and realize that while they like each other and are similar, they cannot be together. They cannot be together without getting judged by their respective groups, therefore, they need to keep it a secret.

What is the main idea of poem #2?I cannot walk through my life Without seeing them- guys and girls,Silently calling, crying outTo be noticed. They think they are normal; I say they are not. They are empty,Hollow- shadows and ghosts.Their silent cries, falling on the deaf ears Around them, reveal to me who they are-Dead, outsiders.

They cannot escape reality, So they close it out, huddling themselves In the illusions of who they pretend to be.I alone see their truth, butI cannot reveal it, for I am not in their world,Being- as I am- tied to reality.

People pretend to be someone they are not.

They huddle themselves and create an illusion of themselves.

How does this poem reveal the point of view of a Greaser? (Imagine the poem is spoken by a Greaser.)
Greasers feel that the Socs think they are better and “normal” but in reality the Socs are not any better or any more normal than the Greasers. The socs pretend to be perfect and flawless by hiding behind their wealth. A Greaser might see the truth behind the socs, but they will never be able to reveal it for “Greasers will always be Greasers and Socs will always be Socs”.