Over for religious freedom, new job opportunities, and

Over the course of this semester, I have learned so much about the history of our country. The United States of America went through a lot of struggles and hard work in order to be the great world power that we are today. There have been many wars that have shaped our country, as well as the process of immigration and many other processes.  Immigration into the United States was perhaps one of the most powerful movements in history. Immigrants benefited our country in so many ways and are what our country is built on. Without immigration, the U.S would not be as diverse as it is today, nor would we have the economic succes that we have. Immigration fuels our economy and is also a great innovative force. Contrary to what the white settlers thought, immigrants do not “steal” jobs, but they make them. They are working to keep the spirit of America strong. Immigrants came to America in order to begin a new life. They were searching for religious freedom, new job opportunities, and greater economic opportunity. When they arrived, it was not exactly the promised land that they were hoping for. Many natives were unhappy with the amount of immigrants coming into their land. They feared that their jobs would be taken, and that they would bring with them violence and unwanted change. However, immigrants are looked at today as very important in society, and a very big reason why the U.S. is so diverse today. Before the American Revolution, the USA was not an independent nation. The USA came to power after the American Revolution. England settlers were the first ones who settled there and were big influencers of life in America. America was also after freedom, and that was something that they lacked. USA had many resources and they were isolated from european wars which enabled it to continue to develop without the worry of other european powers. USA was able to go from a former colony to a world power by lots of hard work and maybe a stroke of luck. After the Civil War, Inflation was introduced. Workers were losing money because the amount of pay they were working for remained the same, but they spent more money only to receive less. The Civil War changed life in America in several different ways. First of all, slavery was abolished when the 13th amendment was ratified, which was after the Civil War. This was good news for slaves, because it freed them from any existing bonds. The Civil War also opened up lots of opportunity for lives in America. The year following the Civil War, there were 3 amendments in te US Constitution that were ratified. Those amendments were the 13th,14th, and 15th. These amendments are now seen as sacred, and they extend rights to all minority groups. The Civil War brought about lots of change in the United States, but overall, it helped to pave the way for a new nation Many changes occurred during this period of time, some good and some bad. All in all, everything happens for a reason, and God’s plan has no fault or flaw. Our nation can only be as it is today because of everything that we have gone through together. From slavery, to immigration, to countless wars, all these things have had their share in creating a strong nation in which we should be proud to declare, the United States of America. Land of the Free and Home of the Brave!!