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the span of this semester, I have taken a great deal being in English 102. I
have improved as a writer, at least in my eyes. The distinctive written work
assignments were useful to me using research and asking help when I was stuck.
My improvement has included me composing essays, writing journals, peer
reviewing papers, and getting to be plainly open to other reactions about my
work. I have dependably had issues with writing because of things like grammar
and fragments. In any case, this class has been a major aide to me. We have
contemplated all these diverse issues and now feel I have enhanced much on
these things yet at the same time could utilize more. My view on composing has
changed radically. I have another regard for writers and peruses alike. They
say, “The weakest pencil remembers more than the strongest brain,”
and I now observe this from an alternate perspective. In the wake of composing
things, for example, the Bettelheim paper, and the research paper.  I now feel it is an incredible plan to compose
a paper about yourself, expound on the breakthroughs throughout your life and
when you read them years from now you will welcome that you did.  I would state that my greatest impact for my
new thankfulness on composing is Professor Marks. His commitment to teaching
and writing alongside the learning and thoughts I have heard from him has
demonstrated to me that English and writing can be fun, significant and

Of all the essays we did this semester I would have to say I
am most proud of the Bettelheim paper. This one is the best due to the content,
for me, I feel it was the most positive and emotional of them all. This paper
was a very knowledgeable because the book (The Uses of Enchantment) we used as
a reference was very intriguing to write about. The book discussed various
aspects of real life under how they are exposed to children or adults. This
paper was the most enjoyable and knowledgeable essay to write. At first its
always hard to decide on a topic, where you would be able to find good and
reliable sources, and a useful subject. Professor Marks really helped me on
deciding about the right topic to write about. I chose to write about how
gender stereotyping in fairytales affects young readers. Although you didn’t need
to add a source to this paper, I chose to use some various sources while
writing. My essay consisted mainly on women side of the stereotyping however,
there were a few examples of male, one of the example paragraph that I wrote
about male and female discrimination is “The male lead may not enter the photo,
other than the deceived courageous woman longing for her rescuer, until the
last part of the story. The hero, frequently a prince, is, for the most part,
depicted as brave and handsome. His handsomeness, be that as it may, is a
secondary characteristic to his activities. While the female courageous woman
is regularly sobbing or secured a condition of imperishable rest, the male
demonstrates his manliness through executing the “evil” older women.
While the presence of older women is made known most of the time, the
appearance of older men is prominently truant. This unequal accentuation of
female versus male appearances fortifies the generalization that a woman’s
character is straightforwardly fixing to her appearance and that energetic
excellence is the perfect”.

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The last paper of the semester, the research paper, was my
weakest. Growing up in a different country which has different teaching
curriculum rather than what is taught in American high schools the school and
the teachers didn’t seem to put too much emphasis on things such as grammar and
MLA format and citation. So, when it came time to write this paper I had to
learn how to write it correctly and really focus on the citation and format, it
was too much. Also, research is very time consuming and none of that time was
enjoyable. It was hard, and a lot of research needed to decide on the right
topic to write about. I first decided writing about the topic “cyber bullying”
but then when I did research there was not something new to add or write about.
So, I decided to change my topic, I have always been wondering about
transracially adopted children and how they feel in their family and life. So,
I decided to do a research about this topic and found reliable sources that I
could support my topic. One of the sources I have used in my writing was, Hollingsworth,
L. (1999). Symbolic interactionism, African American families, and the
transracial adoption controversy. Social Work, 44(5), 443-453

This study explored the perceptions of stakeholders regarding the
practice of cross-racial adoption (CRA) in East London, South Africa.

A qualitative research design was used. Data were collected
through individual interviews and focus group discussions from 23 participants.
The data were analyzed qualitatively, using thematic analysis. The results show
that there are mixed perceptions among the participants, with White
participants more likely than participants of other racial groups to support
the practice of the CRA. The findings also revealed that the practice of CRA is
a controversial, yet an increasing phenomenon in which most Black children are
being adopted by White parents. It is concluded that although the practice of
CRA is an acceptable form of custody of children in need of care and
protection, it is still an area that requires more attention from scholars and
researchers. Pertinent recommendations have been made to various stakeholders.

writer has their qualities and shortcomings. Generally, my qualities are
exceeded by my shortcomings. Things I truly battle with are things like
language structure and MLA/APA arrange so when it comes time to compose I could
have an incredible substance that is extremely fascinating, yet my review is
squashed by sentence parts and mechanical mistakes. I figured “Well on the
off chance that I haven’t got it at this point I should forget about it.”
But no, from what I have realized this semester and with somewhat more practice
I could defeat those issues and could truly build up my written work. In most
of my papers, I primarily concentrate on the content. I believe I have had an
extremely intriguing life, however, I am just twenty years old I believe I have
encountered much. I generally have a fascinating theme when an assignment is
given, which could likewise be one of my flaws. If I sat and pondered the task
a little longer perhaps I could have discovered better points or subjects for
some of my essays, particularly the research paper.

I as a writer has certainly improved. All through this
semester, I have felt myself feeling more sure and agreeable and additionally
much better at seeing and grabbing mistakes. While doing the updates on the
research paper Prof. Mark’s recommendations truly helped me see where I had mistaken,
and keep me from making the mistake again and again. Which I feel is a major
issue with me, I make around five or ten of the same grammatical errors again
and again because I don’t know what the right way is. I think after next semester
when I take my next English class I will come to the heart of the matter as a
good writer.

In general, this English class extremely opened my eyes to
what I can fulfill in composing a compelling essay. Composing adequately isn’t
something that individuals are great at right when they begin, however it will
develop dynamically with each paper. I have just started to improve as a writer
and Brian has gotten me to where I am present. In no way, shape or form am I a
perfect writer but, I have grown new abilities with composing. Writing
successfully takes a great deal of training and we got practice by modifying
our papers and our peers’ papers. We sat in class during some periods all
through the semester in groups at the tables and passed every others paper around
and everybody read them and after that put their own perspectives into the
exposition. What’s more, we chose what we expected to rectify on their paper
and what we needed added to our very own essays.

To conclude this reflective essay, I have taken in a great
writing experience from this class and learned what to expect from different
teachers on their papers/essays. It has been a good involvement in English 102
with everything that I have learned and the people I have met. I am open to
individuals remarking on my papers, regardless of whether it is positive or
negative. I have additionally figured out how to comment on peer essays, and
what things to search for inside the paper. I’ve figured out how to utilize
distinctive words, expressions, or articulations to use set up of others that
will best suit my style of writing. This semester has been one that it
certainly a learning and educational experience for me.