The overall aim, general content and typical delivery of nurse training

The overall aim of nurse training is to make sure that you are suitable for the role of a nurse. Although you may have always wanted to be a nurse, there may be aspects of nursing that you are not comfortable with, or may not agree with. During your nurse training you will find out all that is expected of you in nurse training and when you are qualified. If you do not feel as though you will be able to carry out the duties of a nurse, you should speak to your tutor who will be able to tell you what your options are.

You will be able to gain experience in all areas of nursing, this will enable you to gain all the skills and knowledge you will need as a qualified nurse in whichever branch you choose.

You will have to very disciplined with regard to your assignments as you will be studying at home as well as at university, running your home, taking care of your family and also having to complete your assignments on time. It will make life easier for you if you start on your assignments as soon as you are given them rather than leave them until the day before they are due to be handed in.

The content of nurse training will incorporate biological, sociological and psychological aspects associated with learning how to care for the needs of individual patients. Theoretical content involves the present needs and the changing needs of the growing population. Nurses are expected to adapt to the changes in the way health care is delivered due to the technological developments. You must be prepared to be adaptable and responsive to changes in healthcare.

Your learning will not stop when you are qualified as you will gain knowledge everyday and your skills will increase and improve.

Typical delivery of nurse training involves either, 3 years full time or 41/2 years part time. The first year is a foundation year for all nursing students, which provides the broad knowledge base, which will then help students to progress to their chosen branch of nursing. During the foundation year, you will spend 14 weeks, split into two seven-week placements as helpers and participant observers, gaining experience in the role of a nurse. In the 2nd and 3rd years, you will develop your specialist nursing skills, which will be 50% theory and 50% practise.

The common foundation programme consists of

* 45 weeks plus seven weeks annual leave

* 50% theory and 50% practical

* Six week placement in chosen branch

* 2-4 week placement in other branches

Theory core themes throughout the course are

* Cultural dimensions of care

* Behavioural science

* Practise learning

* Critical and reflective thinking

* Law, ethics and professional studies

* Human and clinical sciences

* Promoting health

* Concepts of nursing

* Communicating and inter-personal skills

Typical branch content year 2

* Partnerships in healthcare

* Working with health information

* Application of evidenced based practise

* Care delivery and management

* Justice and diversity in health care

Typical branch content year 3

* Care delivery and management

* Managing care

* Personal an professional development

* Contemporary challenges in healthcare and health

The overall aims for a course for an adult nurse is

* To prepare students for admission onto the Nursing and Midwifery Council Register for adult branch (part 12)

* Prepare students for the award of a University of Nottingham Diploma in Nursing

* Enable students to acquire the knowledge, skill and attitudes needed to provide high standard of care

* Prepare students to demonstrate a commitment to personal and professional development.