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During the World War 1, German Americans were poorly treated. Although they were not poorly treated because they did anything, but just because of their ancestry and overall their reputation. Soon when 9/11 happened, Islamic Americans and Arab Americans were very discriminated even though they had nothing to do with the attack. In both events, these cultures were very affected by these discriminations and their reputation being ruined. Society blamed the whole culture of these attacks, instead of the actual individuals who actually provoked it.

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At the time when the US wanted to get involved in the war, the German Americans did not really agree. President Wilson did not give any importance and questioned if they were loyal to Germany or the US. This then began controversy involving pro war ads. After this problem, Germans were poorly treated and got a lot of hate. Society did not teach, put music, or overall anything involved with Germany. This overall started a large problem which affected all Germans. 

After the 9/11 attacks, many people were hurt and affected throughout the whole world by this tragedy.   Many people, workers, family members, and loved ones died in this tragic day and caused this suffering throughout the nation.  The main cause of this attack was from an extremist Muslim group, but the blame mostly goes to Osama Bin Laden (Bergen, 1). This extremist group and man provoked this whole attack, and affected the background of all Islamic and Muslim people. 9/11 overall affected the reputation of these belief groups, even up till today. According to Bergen, 1 ” Bin Laden and his attacks on the US have shaped an ideological movement that will outlive him”. Americans classify both Muslims and Arabs as the same group, even though they are not the same religion group at all. After 9/11, both Muslims and Arabs were affected and received lots of hate. They were looked at differently and seemed suspicious in crimes because of their reputation. 

In both situations, the cultures/religions were discriminated because of the background held due to the individuals that actually provoked the tragic events. For example, Germans were hated in the US because they were in problems with Germany and because of what they had done in WW1 to the jews. Soon, a similar event happened with het Muslims. The Muslim group was blamed for the attacks the extremist group had done. They were known as “terrorists” to most people in the country. 

Overall, both German and Muslim/Arabs went through the same situation of being discriminated due to these events. They happened in different times, but society reacted the same discriminating way to these groups. They both had to go through discrimination because of their poor reputation affected by individuals. Although, I believe that our country will grow together and leave these thoughts behind. All cultures and belief groups are equal and shouldn’t be blamed for something that only several people did.