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Data and evidence recovery: 

Introduction to deleted files recovery: This problem happens with everyone when one removes some important files or documents due to maybe shortage of space or even by mistake but with the help of certain softwares, it is possible to recover the files that were deleted by mistake. There are certain limitations to this process though. When we delete any specific file or a document, the system just removes its folder and shows that the space is empty where as the file could be rebuilt again by some recovery softwares. We should note that not all the data could be recovered once deleted and the percentage of the data restored  depends upon the time after which restoration is being done because if we continue to keep using the same storage space for different purposes then what happens is that the computer will delete our pseudo deleted files permanently and then there would be no way to recover them once they are deleted permanently. One of the most simple ways to recover the the deleted files is to recover them from the recycle bin and they can be recovered as a whole. Another way by which a file deleted even from the recycle bin can be recovered is through the inbuilt backup and restore feature. Sometimes the recovered data can be used as an evidence to cyber crimes if they lead to the criminal or even help in progress of the case.

Formatted disk recovery: A disk is usually formatted to make a new drive that will help in installing the new operating system as well as the new programs according to the needs of the user but sometimes important files get deleted incase the disk is formatted by mistake and the thing to relax is that all these files can be recovered because when we format a disk, the data is not removed, only the address table data is removed and hence the data can be easily recovered by any company that specialises in data recovery. There are also some self help softwares that help us recover the whole of the drive with just some simple clicks and hence save us a lot of time and money.

Data recovery tools: When one works with critical data all the time, one should always be prepared with appropriate tools that if by chance any data gets deleted then it could be easily recovered. As the name suggests, the tools used in the recovery of deleted data are knows as the data recover tools. The best way to fight data loss is to keep a real time backup for every file you generate or think is important because electronic gadgets are just mere electrons flowing in metallic boxes and you never know when one malfunctions hence it is always advised to keep a real time backup for the important files and documents.