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Business process is a collection of linked tasks which find their end in the delivery of a service or product to a client. Business process is set of activities and tasks that, once completed, will accomplish an organizational goal. 

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A production line process assembles cars in a series of 15 sequential steps.


Making deposits to settlement of payment in different accounts, security checks during use of debit or credit card transactions.

Sales and operation planning

Planning inventory is based on factors such as customer demand and production capacity.

Explain the cloud?

Cloud means storing and accessing and programs over the internet instead of computer’s hard drive. Cloud is the delivery of on demand computing resources, everything from applications to data centers over the internet on a pay for use basis.
Benefits of cloud 

Elastic resources – scale up and down quickly and easily to meet demand
Metered services – only charged for what has been used
Always have offline and online back up
Reduce dependency on hardware
Files could be edited online 
Access to files from multiple places is easily possible
Reduced IT costs
Cloud applications improve collaboration

What are the characteristics of an agile organization?

Work and Life Balance and Consistent Delivery  –
Empower groups which are committed to individual and authoritative objectives. Make a train of shorter discharge cycles. 
Hireling and Leader – The whole range of supervisors should serve by driving and lead          by serving. Rather than settling on choices for the group, directors should bolster group    responsibilities.
Feasible and Successful – Maintaining reasonable pace and security, all divisions of the association should concentrate on client esteem. 
Adding to the Community and Maintaining a Profitable Company – Apart from benefit and center business, having a beneficial outcome on the group ought to be a concentration region. 
Synergistic and Smart – Hire savvy individuals and cultivate joint effort to spread the acumen. 
Base up and Top-down Decision Making – Leaders are educated by learning laborers and the other way around to finish the cycle. Implicit learning helps and illuminates unequivocal information. 

Individual Flexibility and Rhythm – Create a customary cycle of conveyance and esteem. 

Quality and Faster – Entire association concentrates on esteem conveyance and a brisk criticism with respect to the esteem. 

Making Your Own Reality and Corporate Vision – Rather than actualizing a corporate vision by having plainly characterized inflexible parts, Agile associations contract incredible people who direct the corporate vision with their enthusiasm 

Responsibility regarding be awesome; taught culture and measurements – Metrics, for example, work/life adjust, base up and top-down basic leadership, worker initiative practices, advancement practices and specialized obligation help to translate where the association is on its way to significance.

Why is IT a major enabler of business performance and success?

I think, it is difficult to accomplish long haul business accomplishment without utilizing the advantages of data innovation in this computerized age. The organizations need to shoulder a sensible cost to make this progress since utilizing an inventive approach in business technique, utilizing very prepared IT experts and settling on right choices at correct time are the essential of business achievement. As IT arrangements keep on increasing the profitability, proficiency and adequacy of business operations and correspondence, business will keep on relying on Information Technology for progress. 

What is its significance in your association? Would you be able to think about any more zone where IT is useful in business achievement? The sole reason for this article is attention to the individuals who still don’t know much about present day IT. It is the primary production of my life, so on the off chance that you see any inadequacy in the article at that point please let me know with your remarks.
Transforming IT into a Business  Enabler. The way IT can best enable the business is to dedicate itself to: … IT must focus on improving business operations instead of spending time and resources on application software and platforms.