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Every day we face marketing in all its manifestations, but most of us consider marketing only as advertisement and sales. And that is relatively clear since we see tons of advertisements every day. Marketing is a complex, extraordinary and dynamic concept what can explain why scientists have not come together on a single definition, and each interprets it on their own.
For example , Steven J. Skinner (p.7) states that ‘marketing is the process of planning and executing  the conception ,pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas , goods, and services to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organizational objectives’ . Indeed , exactly this explanation of marketing is the most common and accepted by scientists . However , Hanry Assael (p.4) proposes another , more simpler and clearer definition in which ‘marketing can be defined as all activities directed toward identifying and satisfying customer needs and wants through a process of exchange. In fact, two of this authors by different explanations emphasize that marketing involves numerous of different activities directed to all types of products and a significant part of this process is the exchange. However , to understand this definition , we should clarify what is the product , good and service.
 Product – something physical or intangible that customer/seller receives in the process of exchange . There are two main types of products : consumer products and business products. While consumer products are directed to satisfy an individual needs , business products are made for manufacturing another goods and services to make operations in organization go easier. Their main differences consists of ways of distribution , promotion and pricing strategies. 
Good – is exactly that object that can be touched or seen and is considered as tangible physical thing which can also be a product.
Service – is the intangible product that requires putting efforts by human or machines.
On one hand , according to the macro point of view , marketing is related to the system of effective resources operating and fair outputs spreading which determines flow of the economy, services (directed from producers to customers) and benefitting to the society .
On another hand , in obedience to micro point of view , marketing includes the directed chain of goods and services by producers to achieve company’s objectives and satisfying of customers what can be called as performance of business .
As was mentioned before, process of exchange plays an essential role in Marketing , despite this fact , it is quite easy understandable process. Process of exchange is aimed to give something in order to receive something needful ( for example paying money for goods or services) . However , it does not always include money as the main objective , but is must include 5 main conditions :
At leads 2 sides (individuals , groups or organizations) .
Each side suppose to have something that another side is interested in.
Each side has to understand that It is advisable to interact with each other.
Each side should have the freedom to act and decide in case they want to refuse the offer.
«Make your marketing so useful people would pay for it» – Jay Baer
This quote leads us to the next sub-topic about importance and role of marketing in routine and business life. First point is that marketing makes society’s life greatly easier , because it gives you access to a product or service at any time, in the right required condition and shape (including sanitary standards and so on) , with a suitable price. The proposition that a good product with a high quality will sell itself turned out to be false. It has been possible to observe over many years on examples of successful companies. Three main goals that each company what to reach are : profits, growth and survival.  It can’t be reached without evaluating and taking into account customer’s needs , understanding of consumer behavior , development of company’s distribution strategies  , pricing policies and relationships with customers . Therefore , we can conclude that any company can not survive without well-established marketing .