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What to Do If Your Partner Has An STD
There is a considerable amount of judgement that one can experience when they have an STD. If you have never had one, and your partner confesses to having one, your next questions may be, why, how, when or what does that mean for us? You can have an intimate and enjoyable sexual life in the future, if you make the right choices to keep you STD free. Here are some things that you can do, which will help you, and help your partner to stay safe.

Get Yourself Tested
When you find out that your partner has an STD, you need to get yourself tested. This will make sure that you are aware of your own status, so that you are not worried about your health. Once you know your status, the next thing that you need to do is gather information on your partners infection. If you are infected with the STD, then you should get yourself treatment as soon as possible. Another tip, get yourself tested at least four times a year.

A Condom Is a Must
Until you can be sure that they are under treatment or have fully recovered, you must always ensure that a condom is worn during sex. Although this might not give you 100% protection, it reduces your chances of getting the STD from your partner considerably. Make sure that the condom is on even during foreplay, as there are some ‘juices’ that could leak out and you could get infected.

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Your Sex Life Will Not Remain the Same
The moment that you discover you have an STD, it is inevitable that your love life is going to change. You may have to build up some trust with your partner so that you are able to be open with each other again. It may even be necessary to avoid sex until your partner completes treatment and a doctor can confirm that the infection is fully healed. Even oral sex at this time may pose a risk.

Talk to Each Other
If your partner has chosen to let you know that they have an STD, they are probably feeling quite vulnerable. Take the time to talk about what this means for your relationship and to decide on how you will move forward. You may find out that it is not your partner who has been unfaithful, but they got infected from a previous partner. By talking to each other, you will get all your facts straight. This will help you be compassionate towards your partner and support them on their journey to wellness.

There are many reasons that your partner may have an STD. It could be from a previous partner, or they had been unfaithful. Make sure that you understand how they got the STD and then you can make an informed decision on the next steps. This will help you better manage the consequences of the decisions that you have made for your relationship.