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Apple is a multinational Technology company that was first established in California around 1976 by two American geniuses in there home garage. Originally the company was first named Apple computer,Inc because Steve Jobs and Steve Wonzoniak first started in the development in making computers. Although the company was established around 1976 the company wasn’t known in public or was in anyway close to its competitors like HP and Dell. The company made its first famous appearance that revolutionized the world of technology was in 2007 when the company dropped its word computer in the first weed of January, 2007. The company then expanded and became one of the most important companies around the world by “designing and manufacturing consumer products. The company “Apple” became a world leading manufacture in electronic devices and and was and still successful until now. Some of the many electronic devices that the company made its best known for these products ” Macintosh computer, the iPod and the iPhone.” (blogspot) The company has its own operating software that is installed and put into many of its devices that is its powerful software the “Mac OS X operating system.” Apple also has many other products that many consumers find to be useful and I believe has changed the face of technology. Its other products 

include ” the iTunes media browser, the iLife suite of the multimedia and creativity software, the iWork suite of productivity software, final cuts studio, a suite of 
professional audio and film-industry software products, and logic studio.” (blogspot) The grow rapidly of the first couple of years sense 2007 and is know one of the biggest electronic producing companies in America. The company’s expansion in retail locations has increased rapidly and the demand for its products is increasing worldwide. Apple now stands at owning more then “498 retail stores across 22 countries worldwide as of July 2017.”(Macrumors) The success that Apple is accomplishing is back with its huge sales that is increasing as well yearly. Moreover with the rapidly increasing in demand and retail stores Apple in helping the community that its around it because Apple “has about 35,000 employees worldwide and had worldwide annual sales of US $32.48 billion in its fiscal year ending in September 29, 2008.” (blogspot) furthermore this was just in 2008 where Apple only had around 200 retail stores, but now with almost 500 retail stores worldwide it had exceeded that number of employees and the annual sales revenue.


          As the technology industry increased and revolutionized the techonoly world consumer confidence increased as was. Apple’s iPod was the drive and change how people could listen to music by uploading there music into a small device that could hold many of their favorite songs. The consumers saw a benefit from the iPod, one of those      
benefits is recognizing the dramatic change that technology in impacting the world and that technology is making many things easier. For instance, “according to Changewave’s research director the company’s April survey of 3,200 consumers showed a two-point increase, from 6% to 8% in the number of people who said they planned to buy a laptop in the next 90 days— the first gain since November 2007.” This research is showing that consumers will be increasing the demand for laptops which will play in Apple’s favor. Moreover, Paul Carton a consumer goods analysis said that “those consumers who said they would buy a laptop in the next three months, 29% planned to buy an Apple laptop.”(pcworld) This shows that, Carton saw this as a good sign for Apple because Apple has increased its sale following the month of his analysis. As a result Apple’s sales following Carton’s reattach showed that Apple has increased its sales of laptops. 

          Statista a one of the most powerful sites online that gather statical data from around the world, having “80,000 topics from over 18.000 sources onto a single professional platform.” (statista.com)  As of November 2012 the graph above demonstrates the powerful position Apple is holding in the retail business of its products. This is important because this graph shows that Apple is a mega leading retail store around its competitors.  “According to data released by retail sails, a research firm focused on the retail and consumer goods industries, Apple’s retail stores generated the highest sales per square foot of any retailer in the united states by a wide margin.”(statista.com 2012) However research data have showed that Apple isn’t the leading retail store in sales, Apple is 

actually ranked number nine compared to other retail stores. This shows that, Apple has to change its strategy in giving the consumes what others are laking in the market. 
            Apple has many products that grow successful but some are continuing to grow more then others. I will be focusing on the products that are still continuing to put Apple there and consumers are demanding to have of it. For instance, Apple released/introduced its first communication device called the iPhone in its conference in 2017. The iPhone has changed the way we communicate today and has changed the face of the communication device in the 21 first century. The iPhone is a smart phone that many people around the world carry with them for many reasons whether its to communicate with others, take pictures, or download apps to play games with. The iPhone was a major success for Apple because the iPhone has generated billions of sales worldwide. 
The iPhone was a phenomenon and a new innovation that differed itself from its competitors, like bringing features such as touch screen and “a virtual keyboard to a broader audience.” (statista.com) Furthermore I believe the  iPhone has changed the smartphone market and has positively impacted Apple. As a result the graph on top of page 6 shows the growth of sales that Apple is having since it first introduced in 2007 the iPhone until 2017.

             The Conference Board is a worldwide subscription website that insights for businesses worldwide and they appear to be the most reliable source that holds many data information about businesses and shows where the indicators are heading. As of know The Conference Board shows a strong positive signs through its indicators towards the over all market in the United States.  Furthermore the The Conference Board indicators show that the consumer confidence is up 3.0 points for this month. Moreover, The Conference Board also stated that “the index now stands at 129.5 (1984=100), up from 126.2 in October.” (the conference board)  The Conference Board also conducts monthly surveys set by Nielsen, “who is also a leading global provider of information and analytics around what consumers buy and watch.” (the conference board) through the monthly surveys the Director of economic indicators at The conference Board stated that “consumer confidence increased for a fifth consecutive month and remains at a 17-year high” and also adding that “Consumer Assessment of current conditions improved moderately, while their expectations regarding the short-term outlook improved more so, driven primary by optimism of further improvements in the labor market. consumers are entering the holiday season in a very high spirits and foresee the economy expanding at the healthy pace into the early months pf 2018.” (the conference board) This shows that consumers are very confident going out and show because the economy is in a positive up trend and there is no reason why consumers show be threatened to not go out and shop and enjoy investing their earnings on what makes them happy. This is important because consumers will be going out and buy many things and that would be a great exposure whether its for Apple online site or its physical presence the retail stores that are in almost in every mall in the united states. As a  result consumer confidence conditions are improving as time passed especially with the economy’s positive position as of 2017 going into 2018. 
            From The Conference Board trusted insight on U.S economic indicators the data show that four out of the five indexes that the indicators are going up in a positive pattern, these indicators include consumer confidence being up 3.0 points, Employment 2.04 points, help wanted online increased, the leading economic index also is up by 1.2%, and finally the fifth index which is actually dropping 2.0 points is the Measure of CEO Confidence. I will be getting details focusing on the rest of the indictors that I haven’t covered. 
           The United States have faced many challenges this year whether its from the president or the constant threat hurricanes that the U.S have faced this year. The employment in the United states stayed at a standing up and down trend from many obstacles the country has faced, yet it still managed to stay positive heading at the end of the 2017 year. for instance, The Conference Board employment trends index (ETI) increased sharply in October after declining in September and August, the index now stands at 135.57 up from the 132.86 (an upward revision) in September resulting in a 5.4 percentage gain in the ETI compared to a year ago.” (the conference board) This is important because its a good sign that employment is going upwards positively because it will result that consumers will have the economic support to get them to work and have money to get what they (consumers) desire. As a result I believe that this positive news is great not just for Apple but for the over all economy of the united states. 
           The leading Economic Index is also in an upward position and is up 1.2% as of November 2017. In fact the Director of business cycles and growth research at the Conference Board, Ataman Ozyildirim said “The US Leading Economic Index (LEI) increased sharply in October, as the impact of the hurricanes dissipated.” (the conference board) In addition Ozyildirim said “The growth of the LEI coupled with widespread strengths among its components, suggested that solid growth in the US will continue through the holiday season and into the new year.” (the conference board) This is very important new for Apple and many companies around it because Apple’s plan and strategy is very good and in a timely manner. For instance Apple always drops/introduces its new and improved iPhone yearly and in a time where consumers go out and shop more the the usual and that is because of the holidays. I believe that Apple should continue with their plan to always improve their most valuable product that many damned of. Finally Apple is is a very strong company that makes a verity of electronic goods and it has a demand for its reliable products worldwide.

 I believe that Apple Inc has changed the world of technology especially the smartphone industry. I would like Apple to continue to drive for greater innovation that will positively impact the world and make things easier for people to do their daily activities with the help of Apple technology or software.  In addition Apple has not giving the world an innovative products that people use around the world Apple has also helped employee many people worldwide as well, whether its through its manufacturing facilities in china or its retail stores that are found in almost every big city in the world.