Paragraph it states, in paragraph 4 ”They may

Paragraph 1 (trading and more…..)Paragraph 1     The desert sun beats downwards on your back as you plod wearily across the sand.Peering forward, entirely you see is a extended line of camels, each packed with bundles of silk. Still, you realize that the prophet you’ll obtain from Trading these Goods will make your expedition worthwhile Did you know, the Silk Roads were some of the world’s most important international trade routes?! Imagine if you are a Trader and you are traveling through dangerous routes and  there are poisonous snakes and dangerous animals. You’re going to learn more about why the profit you”ll make from trading these goods will make your journey worthy. Paragraph 2      The time period was around 150 B.C.-A.D.500. Asia Europe and africa were the continents connected by the Silk roads. In the text The Silk Roads it states, in paragraph 1 ”Silk was the main good China traded on the routes.” In the article The Silk Roads it states, in paragraph 4  ”Chinese goods might have traveled thousands of miles, but Chinese traders did not.” They traded their goods somewhere throughout Kashgar. In the text The Silk Roads it states, in paragraph 4 ”They may have moved their goods down to Central Asian nomads, the nomads in turn  may have gone on to trade the goods with other merchants from Asia, Africa, and Europe.” The journey over the rugged terrain would have taken at least six months. The only good news when traveling over the rugged terrain was that traders were proceeding rough paths or tracks. The bad news for the traders is that, they scaled ice-covered mountain proceeding sandstorms as they crossed scorching hot-deserts. In the text The Silk Roads it states, in paragraph 7 ”The traders on the Silk Roads usually walked beside the camels and traveled in groups called caravans. This was good for them in many ways for example, the caravans created a appealing target for the bandits and the thieves who often lay in wait along the routes. Also, China traded silk Teas, salt, sugar, porcelain, and spices. For cotton, ivory, wool, gold, and silver. What else spreads besides trade? Many unlike goods and ideas from three continents were traded on the Silk Roads. China traded silk, paper, highly polished decorative items called lacquerware and objects made of iron or bronze. Chinese merchants often sought gold,silver, and olive oil.