Should Parents Be Allowed To Use Corporal Punishment to Correct Their Children

Corporal punishment is dismissed by many parents to be cruel. In some cases this could be true but on the whole I would probably agree with the statement. It was abolished in the early 60s in most of Britain but carried on in some schools until 1965. According to the research and surveys from the elders, children are becoming worse behaved then before. I also agree with the surveys, because if you look at the amount of child offenders you will see that they have steadily increased throughout the decades.

If people are punished just by telling them what they did bad then they will do it again knowing that they would not be dealt with any physical or severely punished. Another issue is the government also has asked the school to expel less people from schools, which will also encourage students to break the school rules, which will increase the rate of juveniles. Most of the people also say that the teachers may abuse the advantage of the system though by using it on students, who have done nothing wrong, and get beaten for no reason or before they even think about or do something wrong.

However students will also have a lot more respect for teachers so that they will also get more things done in class. For example, if a student is talking and disturbing kids that are do work, the teacher will get out the cane and the students will stop talking and start doing their work. This also creates a quieter environment for the other students that are trying to get work done and they will also be able to learn more without distraction. It might also raise the intelligence in the United States.

This would mean people in United States will get better jobs and would have better life as a result of the beneficial discipline they had as a child. Most children would be grateful for the opportunity to learn as well. It does not only go as far as to benefit the students themselves, it also benefits the parents as well, because with better discipline in school will get the student to do their homework which will keep their children more indoors and away from most of the troubles.

There will also be less bullying and fights, because the students will know what the consequences are and will try to prevent it to happen on them selves. It will also reassure that the children will be sage and will not do anything drastically wrong. It will let parents be calm and know that their child is getting a better education. However I personally think it is also wrong to give teacher the power of corporal punishment; because of some students they might take the punishment, but the student who does not care about physical punishment will one day just snap and start a rampage in school.

This has occur many times in the world for the last 2 to 3 years. Most of the students who started a rampage is always the pressure of school work or being expelled for some small thing that are done by the student. Also the pressure even if the student starts to do better in school, jobless will increase. However there will also be an advantage, the advantage is that since people has better educations, our president and other politics will also make better chose for the citizens in the United States.