PARTNERING showcased the participants the importance of proper

PARTNERING – THE ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE INSTALLATION PROJECTExecutive SummaryIntroductionProject Management is a critical procedure consisting of a systematic planning of steps in order to achieve the desired result which is inclined towards the betterment of an organization. While a project is mostly undertaken by different members of the organization, there is always an in charge of all the operations in any project case who is in charge of supervising all the steps taken in the project in order to ensure the smooth running of the operations. A project leader is the person who handles a project exclusively by managing all of the engaging members and laying their specific goals in front of them so that the objectives of the project is achieved adequately. In this case, Karin Chung who is the project manager of an accounting software installation project approached the project by trying to develop a considerable connection between the six contracting agencies and the task force of the company divisions which seemed like a good idea at first. The initial beginning of the project started out with an extensive discussion of the roles which each group has to undertake and adequate training has also been imparted to them so that they would be able to carry the process of the software installation smoothly. Karin, the project manager even hired a consultant to conduct a partnering workshop which was attended by all of the major accounting heads in the company, one representative from the six contractors, and one member of the task force group from the company. Although the workshop was aimed to develop essential partnering skills among all groups by organizing exercise which focused on team building nature and also showcased the participants the importance of proper communication between the partnering groups in order to carry out the operation successfully, at the end the result was totally opposite of what Karin had thought. While, everyone signed a contract to show their utmost dedication towards completing the project in a systematic manner no one knew had actually prepared for the worse situations to come in the project installation, not even Karin which showed poor leadership skills of Karin, as a successful project manager always keeps a backup option for a project in case under any situation the project members fails to deliver the work they are supposed to.  These skills of Karin were first tested within two months of the project when it started to show that the partnership between the members and the groups started to weaken. When a task force member came to Karin to complain about the ignorance of a contractor towards the billing issue in Virginia, she was unable to resolve the issue right then and there by contacting the contractor and solving the issue when it was at its initial stages. On the other hand, Karin asked the task force member to deal with the contractor which show lack of leadership skills on the part of Karin as a prominent project leader always takes any conflict in their own hand and tries to solve it with minimum friction creating between the working members of the project. In addition to this, when Karin overheard a task member bad mouthing another one then also she did not care to venture and resolve the issue emerging among the working partners in the project which showcased weak leadership qualities of Karin. The major mistake which Karin committed was that she anticipated the problems occurring similar to the problems she has faced on some other small projects which were totally wrong on her part to assume that every time the problems are of the same kind. The problems emerging in a case should be handled differently in every project as the partners working in every project is different which means that different circumstances could be faced by the project manager each time which should be handled in a different way every time. The problems of Karin escalated in the fourth month of the project as there were more conflicts arising among the team members and all the partnering workshop amendments were going in vain just because of the poor skills showed by Karin in order to resolve the issue concerning the members of the project due to which the project was already two months late. The issues like one contractor filed a     formal complaint against another contractor showed the seriousness of the situation and the immediate need to resolve conflicts among the members so that the project could be back on track. Karin did take some measures by inviting all the members of the partnering agreement, but her approach to bringing out the main conflicts out of the members was totally wrong. She did not use a systematic manner to allow every member to put his opinion and problems encountered during the project installation and any complaints they might have against each other, rather all the groups broke out at once complaining about another group about how they are holding their work and that the cause of delay of the project is because of the other group mistake and not them. This break out at the meeting showed how Karin was unable to handle the member of the project in a conflict situation being the project manager. The major concern which came out in the meeting was that no one was actually sure that who was actually in charge of what which created a whole lot of confusion in the roles and responsibilities of the contractors and the task force members, which is again the fault of Karin as she was unable to appoint specific responsibilities and roles to the members of the project which ultimately lead to this delay and conflicts in the software installation project. After the degeneration of the meeting, Karin decided to stop the meeting and contact the stakeholders and asked them to come up with a definite solution to resolve the problems occurring in the software installation project in the next meeting. This last step was somewhat adequate on behalf of Karin as she tried to force her dominance as a project manager and asked the stakeholders directly to come up with concrete options to bring the project back on track. Status of the projectThe status of the project is in a