‘People highly regarded for their efforts but it

‘People who do the most worthwhile jobs rarely receive the best financial rewards.’ To what extent is this true in your society? Unsung heroes. They come in many forms and ways as people who make substantive yet unrecognized contributions. Yet they are essential to our society. They may not be highly regarded for their efforts but it does not discourage them in aiding our society and making it a better place. Most worthwhile jobs: occupations that help to meet the needs of the people for altruistic purposes. Examples would be construction workers, firefighters, and doctors.Best financial rewards: In terms of monetary recognition, status and power in society.Jobs that are the most selfless and giving to benefit my society as a whole are not appraised and valued as these jobs might be deemed as lowly or people may see these jobs as part of the workers’ responsibilities and not as a form of contribution to the society. YES: Jobs that aid the progression of our society may be viewed as lowly and should only be performed by those lacking high qualifications. In my society, many locals look down on occupations that they deem to be “beneath them” and not only do they take for granted the hard work that is done to help our city progress, some may even criticise and poke fun at the workers. One example is that of foreign construction workers. They are the heroes behind the structures we live in, study in, work in and commute in. Without their contributions, Singapore might not have become the modern, urban city we are now. Yet, they are constantly made fun of and are the brunt of jokes amongst the young and old who for some reason, view the construction workers in a bad light and might even consider them dangerous. Perhaps its due to them being badly paid and that hardly any locals would want to take on a similar job. However, I feel that we should change our mindset and appreciate these blue collar workers who strive to provide us with a place to stay, learn and grow. YES: Jobs that have a social impact on others are viewed to be charitable and not for monetary gain. By seeking higher monetary compensation for the jobs, the original aim of serving the community could be lost.