People people ask for prescription of marijuana.”(Cold, 2018).

People who say, “A little bit of beer after a long work day keeps me relaxed and ready for the next day of work” sounds normal. However a phrase just like the previous one, “An injection of heroin after a long work day keeps me relaxed and ready for the next day of work” will sound not so normal and suspicious, wouldn’t it? When you search all around the Internet where you can find many opinions of their own, you’ll always find articles and studies that are either saying that marijuana should be legalized everywhere, or claiming that it shouldn’t. And although total legalization might have not only positive effects but also negative ones, there are a couple of reasons to believe and trust that the use of this drug can be used rather effectively. There are a number of drugs that societies and communities cognize “bad”, which are mainly cigarettes, alcohol, and marijuana. Marijuana is illegal in many regions, but compared to other drugs, it has parts that can have a positive effect such as the fact that it is not only a relaxing such as relieving stress, anxiety, depression, but also is a recreational drug. And that in some cases, it can be used for medicinal purposes (, 2018). Marijuana cures and prevents Alzheimer and Glaucoma. Barth Wilsey, a pain medicine specialist at the University of California Davis Medical Center say that “Pain is the main reason people ask for prescription of marijuana.”(Cold, 2018). Nowadays, more and more doctors are saying that medical marijuana should be legalized since it has benefits to patients (Cold, 2018). You might think cigarettes are the same as smoking marijuana; however the two are totally different and marijuana does not lead to or cause lung cancer.The society’s point of view of the idea of legalizing marijuana has been changing recently, and they have started to realise the positive effects marijuana have. In a CBS News poll, it shows that nowadays the support towards legalizing marijuana is higher than it has been before including women that have been going against marijuana in the previous years. 65% of Americans citizens that has been asked, think that marijuana is less dangerous than other drugs including cigarettes. 61% think that the use of marijuana should be legal, which is a increase in this opinion from the year before and the highest percentage in this poll. Out of the 61%, 81% of them prefer the medical use of marijuana. And only 23 percent think legalizing marijuana leads to an increase violent crime. In the case of abusing the use of marijuana, 69% think that it should be treated as not a criminal offense, but an addiction (, 2018). If marijuana keeps on being illegal people won’t be able to use them to cure themselves or others and have them for medical purposes and because of that, I can guarantee you that people will protest to legalize marijuana.  Therefore, I think marijuana should be legalized in every country and should be used for both medical and recreational purposes and treat marijuana as a normal piece of treatment for curing illnesses and also make smoking marijuana as an everyday thing to do like drinking coffee.