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People have heard of pollution, but what some don’t know is that there are many types of pollution. Pollution can have different consequences depending on what kind there is. In the world so far there are only nine types of pollution that have been recognized. Although this can be negative to the world it’s also affecting the health of people as well. In order to understand what pollution can do to you and the world you need to know the types that  are causing the harm. The first type is air pollution. This type can be harm to the world by contaminating the atmosphere. It can come in matter like dust or excessive gases such as carbon dioxide or vapors that can’t be removed through nature that not even the cycles can remove them such as the carbon cycle and the nitrogen cycle. Vehicles, forest fires, volcanic eruptions, dry soil erosion, building construction or demolition and other natural sources are another cause of air pollution. Although there isn’t much of volcanic eruptions or dry soil erosions those are the ones that seem to be the most dangerous for other parts of the world while the rest are more common. Study shows that science prove that they believe global warming is also a way to increase the air pollution. The largest source of nitrogen is in the atmosphere. Without nitrogen in the atmosphere the crops can be lost and would affect farmers. If the farmers are affected there won’t be as much crop production to be sold anywhere and the government would have to find ways to better the production. Nitrogen makes up 79% of our air. If our air is contaminated people’s health could be in some type of harm. In some states like California local air pollution districts work with the state to produce air quality plans. Water pollution can be contaminated from chemical particulate or bacterial matter. Bacterial matter degrades the water. It is known to happen in oceans, rivers, and, lakes. If the water flows and gets together through the water cycle the pollution can spread. Some causes can increase sediment from soil erosion the sediment from erosion is transported by the action of the wind, improper water disposal, littering, leaching of the soil polluted  into water supplies and organic material that decay in water. If the water is contaminated due to pollution it can decrease the quantity of drinkable water. Some farmers might be affected as the water is lowering supplies for crop irrigation. Wildlife as well as fish and other creatures from the oceans and rivers are being impacted as they need certain purity for survival. An example of a contamination is soil and land pollution. These can prevent natural growth and balance in the land no matter if it is used for cultivation also known as caring for plants, habitation, or wildlife. There are two ways the soil can be, there is deliberate or accidental that can lead to widespread effects. These sources include hazardous waste, sewage spills, non sustainable farming practices like heavy use of inorganic pesticides, strip mining deforestation along with other destructive practices and household dumping and littering. These can lead to lowered  crop yields, loss of wildlife habitats, water and visual pollution, soil erosion, poor growth and desertification. Congress wants all states to adopt enforceable plans to reduce pollutants that damage visibility in national parks and other protected areas.  One type of pollution that not everyone knows of is noise pollution. This type can refer to  levels of  noises caused by human activity disrupting the standard of living in the area affected. While you may not know this can cause severe damage to anyone like hearing loss as well as wildlife disturbances. Traffic can be a type of noise pollution by all the traffic being extremely loud do to all the honking. Loud noise coming from airports and construction or demolition can be worse as the noise is louder and affects it for a period of time. You may not have some luck and be permanently deaf. All this leads to many types of pollution not just the one that is more common known for littering. In 1990 Congress passed the Pollution Prevention Act that states the Environmental Protection Agency also known as the EPA. The EPA is known for protecting the human health and the environment by the federal government of the U.S. and formed on December 2, 1970. On July 9, 1970, Nixon offered a executive reorganization that had to do with environmental responsibilities of the federal government under one agency approved by the house and senate. The U.S. has spent over tens of billions of dollars per year just to try and control the pollution. Improvements have been seen nationally. Levels of air pollution have been known to be up to five to ten times higher than what is found in American cities. In the late 2016’s more than twenty five more times the U.S. EPA standard was found to have more pollution. In my opinion I think that pollution is something that not everyone takes seriously. Many humans and animals have died. This is something that people can fix by simply recycling or putting their trash in the trash cans. If they are close to their location they could walk and save the air from getting polluted. Those are just some things that humans can do. I feel as if the government needs to make things a little more consequential to the humans that are caught doing something they aren’t supposed to be doing. As for the things such as demolition or factory work or even oil spills that can’t always be handled the right way can be taken care of as soon as possible to help less pollution occur and help people or animals with their health. The government can also help by the demolition to be handled with more care.